Recruiting 7 - Platinum 4 - AQ 6x5 - BG 200K

Hi guys

We’re a Platinum 4 alliance for war moving into platinum 3.

This alliance requires 13k prestige.

Battlegrounds is a 200k target.

Run AQ map 6 5 days a week.

We get amazing rewards in this alliance, very cooperative, if you’re wanting to put the effort in and grow. This is the alliance to be in.

We use line app for communications and ideally America/Uk time zones to make this work.

Any questions let me know here or line app maskofgotham1.

Need 7 after retirements.


  • MaskOfGotham1MaskOfGotham1 Posts: 41
    3 spots filled 4 left,
  • MaskOfGotham1MaskOfGotham1 Posts: 41
    2 needed.

    Great rewards. Reach me here or line app.
  • MaskOfGotham1MaskOfGotham1 Posts: 41
    3 spots needed for Platinum 4 alliance.

    Get in touch on line app, spaces available now. Pushing to platinum 3. Amazing rewards and well organised and hard working.
  • MaskOfGotham1MaskOfGotham1 Posts: 41
    We need 1 more.

    We’ve X platinum 1 players joined us but 1 short

    Join this alliance and get me online app
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