Carina's Challengers path 3 advice

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I only have two Carina Challenge vol 2 left, and I’ll be tackling this one tonight. I have the revives and potions saved up. Any suggestions? I searched the forums and have watched videos, with the main one below. Last minute advice is appreciated, particularly mastery setup (I’ll be taking off suicides for the r7n and boosting on all flights).

Void is max sig r4, Diablo is r4, and the rest are r3.

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    All the best.
    Sorry I don't remember much lol, I had 5* on the team and it costed 92 revives bout 300 potions.
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    Thanks. I’m currently at Mordo. The only one I’m worried about is Hype and Korg.

    I will say, I don’t know how people did this with 5*. I just don’t have that skill.
  • willrun4adonutwillrun4adonut Posts: 1,296 ★★★★
    And so I’m here. Any advice before I tackle him later tonight?

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    Just throw money at him lol. But all serious watch some videos on how to Dex his specials
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