Smash alliance in need of players

Hello all, smash alliance is currently undergoing a small rebuild and in need of players, we use line app for communication, for aq we run map6, if we get a good group that wants map 8 a bg will run that, for aw we are currently g1 and we are always in the g1/plat4 area. Can message me ARCHITEUTHIS34 or the leader Trindles on game or line app.


  • Dockim78Dockim78 Posts: 3
    I try add on line app said user not found
  • Hello, how many players do you need?
  • Unicron34Unicron34 Posts: 11
    We need 9 players, if you can’t find me on line try looking me up in game and we can get set up there. Same Architeuthis name in game, my profile pic is apoc from the realm shitting down package
  • Did you interested to make a merge with our team? We are looking into a group. We are playing aq 6 and aw Plat 4-3.
  • Unicron34Unicron34 Posts: 11
    We could potentially yes. We run map 6 and plat4 is where we’ve made it so far. What’s your line ID? I can get a chat set up and we can see if we all want the same stuff and good fit and all
  • My LineId is 1453elkon. I have made you friend request also at the game.
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