Recruiting / Gold 2 AW / 5x5 AQ / 100k BG

Line is required. Participation in AW/AQ/BG is mandatory. 3 battle groups.

Game: vigzs
Line ID: vigzs21

We are a friendly and helpful alliance who also push for higher rankings and rewards.

Newly formed last season, we took an abandoned Silver 3 alliance to Gold 2, in one undefeated season.

If interested, add and message me in game or on Line!


  • Puffnstuff420Puffnstuff420 Posts: 2
    I'd be interested
  • VigzsVigzs Posts: 11

    I'd be interested

    Hey, thanks showing interest. Is your name in game the same as here? You can also message me in game (vigzs) or on Line (vigzs21).
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