Fun vs. Strategy (an awakening question)

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Recently, I have pulled a second 6* skill AG and I am having a hard time deciding what to do. I have essentially two options:

A) wait for one of the two best candidates for the gem (NF and KP I believe? See pic below)

B) give the gem to a champ I already have. That way I will have a suboptimal, awakened champ

My skill roster looks like this:

The reason why I'm asking is, that I genuinely don't know if I am in a position to give the AG to one of the champs I have instead of waiting for the ideal one. So far, Shang Chi (r4) and Falcon (r3) have been more than enough to get me through content, but I have no clue whether my skill roster is good enough to start ranking up more niche/fun champs without ending up in a bad spot later.

So to sum it up, I have 2 questions:

1) should I hold onto both the gems, or save only one and use the other?

2) whom should I use the gem on (or whom should I save it for, depending on the answer to question 1)?

Thank you for your answers and opinions :)
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    Lol, B+) makes a cool emoji. I always forget about that, sorry.

    It was supposed to be "option B"
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    Umm, any answers?
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    A lot of the champs you listed really wont be "suboptimal" or "fun/niche".

    Hit Monkey, Mole Man, Black Panther, Black Cat and Masacre are still top tier skill champs. Hit Monkey and Mole Man will offer enough differentiation as champs even if you have Shang Chi, Falcon, Nick Fury and Kingpin ranked up all the way. Black Cat is king of a mix between NF and Falcon, so a solid option as well. You can consider awakening them even now to benefit. I would personally go for Mole Man. He lost a bit of utility with the nerf but is still good.

    Only time you will regret is if you get either NF or KP immediately after but that is luck factor and unpredictable.
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    I read somewhere here once that holding until you find a reason to need it is a good idea.

    It makes sense. Whenever I'm not sure I wait. When I hit a roadblock that "champ x" and "resource Y" will solve, Go nuts.
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    Agree with the guy above. Holding makes sense. It requires patience but it's satisfying to wait and use on a champ that can change the game instead of using just for the sake of having two of them
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