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Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

Forum Guardians Program - 2023 Update: Early Access, Private Discord, Beta Server, and More!

Greetings Summoners of the Forums!

Today we’re announcing updates to the Community Guardians program that will make the program more valuable to our Guardians and Forum users alike!

Starting later this week, Forum Guardians will be given access to exciting perks that we believe will empower them to help their fellow Summoners on their journeys through the Battlerealm, helping them better understand new content, Champions, and more!

These perks will include the following:
  • Early previews of new Content and Announcements
  • Exclusive access to a private Discord Channel for Content Creators and Guardians
  • Access to the Private Content Creator Beta Server
  • Early preview access to new Champions
  • Ad Hoc special presentations with Developers
Some of you may recognize these as perks of the Content Creator program. Content Creators do the same thing as many of our forum users, educating their fellow Summoners and bringing the Community together. Not everybody can be a content creator, so we wanted to open a secondary path for those who make the Forums a better place.

What are Community Guardians?

Community Guardians are regular members of The Contest of Champions Community, not paid Kabam Employees or contractors. They volunteer their time to assist players in the MCOC Forums with their experience and knowledge, answering questions and helping to enforce Forum rules and moderating.

Guardians serve as guides of our community and represent experienced and knowledgeable members of the Contest of Champions community. They help our players by spending time giving feedback, answering questions and helping to make our forum community a better place.

Please note that members of the forum community with the title “Guardian” are community volunteers, do not work for Kabam and do not speak on behalf of Kabam. Their messages do not represent official Kabam communications.

What do Guardians do?

Guardians receive a title on the forum to identify them as members of the Community Guardian Program. Guardians are expected to interact with the community in a helpful manner and respect and uphold the forum rules in their conduct.

With the addition of new Perks, we believe that Guardians will be better equipped to answer Player questions and help them understand new Content and Characters using their new knowledge and access.

Currently, Guardians do not have access to moderation functions but will be able to Moderate Posts and Content moving forward, including moving posts, deleting comments that break forum rules, etc. This will also allow our Guardians to help maintain a less Toxic environment for Summoners.

How do I become a Community Guardian?

To be considered for the Program you must meet the following Criteria:
  • Have an in-game account that is in good standing.
  • Have a single Forum account that has been active for at least 6 months and has over 50 posts
  • Be proficient in reading and writing in English
  • Be an active member of the forum that can commit to spending time in the Forums weekly
  • Age 18+, or the age of majority in your jurisdiction if it is above 19 (So you can sign the NDA required to join the Private channels)
  • Have a Discord account (This is where we will be organizing and communicating)
There will only be 6 spots available for new Guardians at this time. We will not be responding to any Applicants that are not accepted but will keep the list in case of future spots opening. If you are not accepted, you may apply again in 3 months for re-evaluation.

Inactive Guardians will be replaced and lose access to the above perks, but are also eligible to apply again.

If you would like to apply, please fill out this form.

Members of the Community Guardian Program may be removed at any time at their request or if they do not uphold the program's rules, violate the forum code of conduct or violate Kabam’s Terms of Service.
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