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Battleground bug

Playing a round of BGs and I had two points going into the match, I win the first fight and when I finish the second fight it shows they have left the game, but it deducts me a point and says I've lost?


  • Are you sure it didn’t say that *you* forfeited the match ? (Forfeit shown on your side of the fight results screen).

    Disconnect issues in BG, even though you appear to have fought and defeated the opponent's defender in fight.
  • antoanto Posts: 9
    This is very annoying, it’s happening more frequently this season,, plz fix it cause I do enjoy bgs but it’s ruining the game for me
  • AbuBakar_009AbuBakar_009 Posts: 8

    I cleared this fight in about 50 seconds, with almost 90% health when next screen comes, it was saying that my champion in K.Od in just 2 seconds, what the hell is this i lost my winning streak, Kabam what is this
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