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Is Anyone Else’s BG Really Buggy Today?

Few times today, fights are just not loading. In this pic, the timer went down to zero, and I lost the match. My opponent apparently got to fight. Things like this have been happening to me much more frequently today. Anyone else having issues?

Loss of victory token and Elder’s marks. Getting a little tired of waiting resources on bugs…


  • CapscoobCapscoob Posts: 6
    Yes. I have been having the same issue since morning. Happens almost in every fight.
  • Perfect_jabPerfect_jab Posts: 73
    Every fight! Lost all progression. Winning 5 in a row isnt easy. Now its impossible
  • LexSaviLexSavi Posts: 162
    Judging by the number of posts about this exact issue, I’m going to go out on a limb and say there’s a little extra funk in the servers today.
  • Chaos100Chaos100 Posts: 2
    My battlegrounds keep disappearing upon banning and mid fight. Keep losing matches due to this issue
  • LexSaviLexSavi Posts: 162
    Chaos100 said:

    My battlegrounds keep disappearing upon banning and mid fight. Keep losing matches due to this issue

    Well at least they’re skipping all the needless fighting and playing the game for people to rack up the L’s.
  • TyphoonTyphoon Posts: 1,749 ★★★★★
    Happening multiple times every fight. I have to keep switching screens in order to get my timer to restart. Extremely frustrating.
  • IhimajIhimaj Posts: 3
    Is it a cheating or bugg? I pres “I am ready” immediately I loose the fight without startin it. In 0 seconds.
  • Yehia007Yehia007 Posts: 13
    What about this 2 rounds I have in same match with zero time and result as well!?!?,

    Is that bug or moder
  • Yehia007Yehia007 Posts: 13

  • Yehia007Yehia007 Posts: 13
    It was easy winning matches 😏
    Lost my elder mark and my progress 😤😡
  • Yehia007Yehia007 Posts: 13
    By the way when I end the first round it's show wining them after the second round both round was lost 🤔

    Any response from Mr's kabam
  • surya2002surya2002 Posts: 7

    Literally kabam!!!
    I mean Literally!!!
    I mean here is your shity bg ...I mean we all players keep loosing the winning matches like this and on other side you nerfed **** revives..I mean what's Goin in your head ,you lost it or what??
    I'm done with u ...with u and with your game
    It happens all the time and here you are banning people who cheat ...tell me why won't they?? Why won't players use mod apk .just why?? You r not giving compensations , you are nerfing each and everything, and at last in which we put effort we got bugs and loose..wtf
    U r all nothing but hypocrites
  • Mylo_ZylotoMylo_Zyloto Posts: 26
    Mine was buggy! Same issue with the blank screen and timer running.
  • TristanTristan Posts: 21
    The screen keep loading then I lost the fight, happened many times today. Lost progress

  • Unabonger97Unabonger97 Posts: 49
    Bg is trash it's hard enough to win with the ridiculous matchmaking but add the fact that 2 outta 5 matches are bugged can't pick your champs or losing without even fighting they need to shut it down and fix it
  • Kn1ghtcrawlerKn1ghtcrawler Posts: 21
    Same happened to me. Even after restarting the game the next BG fight did the same thing. Switching screens would sometimes kick start the timer/fight, but ultimately it just gives you a loss as it won't let you in. This is so buggy and so frustrating to waste time on.
  • Yehia007Yehia007 Posts: 13
    Same bug till end of the season

  • Darth_StewieDarth_Stewie Posts: 390 ★★★
    BG is a joke. Always has been always will be. Nothing will ever get fixed and it's been proven.
  • ChristoChristo Posts: 20
    Its just madness with all the issues going on with BG with a wide variety of players and ending prematurely that there is just no response from kabam...
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