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Lifetime Game Milestones?

How about a milestone category that is ongoing throughout the life of a persons account?

For instance:
Arena winstreak of 10,20,50,100, etc
Perfect match
Combo of 50,100,200,300,500,800,etc
Max LEVEL a 2*, 3*,4*,5*
Max sig a 2*, 3*, 4*, 5*
100k rating, 200k rating, 300k rating
Win a match without blocking
Beat a master boss perfectly or under a certain amount of hits, etc.


  • that' be cool but how would it affect players who already are at 200k rating ,300k,etc. Do they still get rewards or do they miss out because they are already at that point. That's the question.
  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★
    Sure. I suppose It would be the same as when you join an alliance event that has already began accumulating rewards. As soon as you participate you collect previous rewards. Some of this criteria is already tracked in our game profiles.
    Doesn't have to be ridiculous rewards but maybe Gold, ISO, sig stones, energy, whatever. Still milestones and rewards.
    The neat thing about this is that someone of low rating could potentially get certain skill set milestones long before 100k even.
  • I love this idea man! I've thought about this myself a lot. I can add a bunch of categories in there. I hope they add something like this. They will figure out the rewards system for it I know it. Cmon kabaam u can do it lol.
    this game needs achievments
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