I love cavs

With the introduction of 7 stars i would like to introduce something completely new and never seen before. 3 STAR CHAMPIONS FROM CAVS.

I know its not the worst luck but 4 4*s and a 5* from 43 crystals makes me extremely hyped for paragon crystals with a 70 percent chance at 2*s in them.


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    SammyDeSammyDe Posts: 918 ★★★
    Just RNG mate, I got a 6* from 5 cavs (same on my mini)

    My next 27 cavs might all be 3/4* though… Just waiting for more keys to clean out TL1 and TL2
    Keep opening them and they will come.
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    KeltanKeltan Posts: 490 ★★
    I'm just gonna wait for 22 hrs Hero use solo event so I can earn pts as well
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