My 5.1 Guide ( Part 1 )

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Hello everyone! Are you still at 5.1 and your struggling badly on one quest? Well, this guide is for you! I will be explaining every node in 5.1, champions I used, and what paths to take. Some other things to do is to complete ROL (Realm of Legends) so you feel comfortable with all the fights in act 5, or at least practice the first fight in ROL. Also, have the parry and dexterity mastery unlocked! Let’s begin the guide!


This is just the beginning of Act 5. It’s not as hard as it looks, because I got past this quest using no revives. You might not feel comfortable with the fights at the beginning, put if you do the first fight in ROL, I might guarantee you’ll to get past this quest in less than 15-25 minutes.

RECOMMENDED CHAMPIONS (some are my opinion, if there are more champions, comment below!)
- Hyperion (Awakening needed)
- Kitty Pyrde
- Ghost (Awakening needed)
- Doctor Doom
- Blade
- Spider Gwen (She will be a big help for The Collector)
- Captain Marvel (Movie)
Don’t worry, there are way more champions, you can use any champion you’d like.

I currently had no five stars at the time, but some very splendid four stars. I had an awakened 4* Omega Sentinel (5/50), Captain Marvel (Movie) (5/50), Invisible Woman (4/40), Human Torch (5/50), and Captain Britain (4/40). This was the last quest I would ever use Captain Britain because most people said she was overrated.

RECOMMENDED PATH (I used a other guide for this)

To begin, turn to the left, you will fight Guillotine, then go to the portal, selected portal A. Next, take the right side, you will fight Gambit, Moon Night, Rogue, and Spider-Man. Spider-Man might be challenging, but just play aggressive. Continuing, go to the portal, select portal A. You will fight Falcon, then the boss, Kang.


This node is means to play aggressive. To start, this node means the opponent will have %300 attack, but takes %100 of your health in 60 seconds. What I’m trying to say, is play aggressive because this node will K.O your attacker if you don’t play aggressive. It will degenerate your attacker, nobody’s immune to degeneration, you couldn’t if you wanted to, don’t ignore this node. It’s very important for this quest.


This is the next quest in act 5. I found this quest super fun and easy. Once again, I didn’t use any resources like revives (etc.) Let’s start the guide for this quest.


I upgraded my team, I now have a 4* Quicksliver (4/40 and awakened), Captain Marvel (Movie), Omega Sentinel (Awakened, 5/50), and Invisible Woman (4/40) Quicksilver made a massive difference due to his whiplash!


To begin, fight the Gwenpool coming ahead. Next turn left and go to the portal, select portal A. Then, turn to the Guillotine, then go to the portal, select portal A. Then turn right, you will fight Captain America (WWII), War Machine, and Gambit. Next, go to the portal, select portal A. Next, you will fight Howard The Duck, and the boss, Moon Night. A tip for Howard The Duck, his SP1 is unblockable, make sure you have the dexterity mastery unlocked before entering act 5!


This node isn’t too bad for this quest. Your opponent will start with %5000 armor rating, every time they get hit, it reduces their armor rating by %200. So, just hit your opponent a lot. There is nothing special about this node in this quest.


This quest is the same as the first quest in act 5. It’s just a replica with different bosses. Anyways, let’s explain the guide. I found this quest very easy and boring to be honest.


I used the same exact champions I used in the last guide I previously guided y’all through. (Read the last guide to see who I used)


To begin, take the path STRAIGHT. Next, turn right, you will fight Deadpool and Agent Venom. Then head to the portal, select portal A. You will fight Ant-Man and Juggernaut. Next head to the other portal, select portal A. Then, turn right. You will fight Wolverine and Hulk. Then turn to the Deadpool. Next, go to the portal, select portal A. You will fight the boss, Iron Patriot.


This is the same node as the first quest. Just play aggressive like I was explaining. (Go to 5.1.1 guide)

Thank you for looking at this thread. 5.1.4-5.16 will be posted later!


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    I mean I'm not on act 5 anymore but this is a great breakdown of early chapters of act 5 so good stuff mate! I'm sure this could help someone out a lot.
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    Also past act 5, but it's nice to see updated guides for newcomers. Thanks.
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    Gentry2099Gentry2099 Posts: 244 ★★
    Thank you. I’m currently stuck on 5.2.2, so I just wanted to make a guide for other players who are struggling on act 5 and on their way to uncollected.
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