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The game

Hey is anyone experiencing your champ’s freezing during a combo and getting punished for it by the opponent? It happened 2 times to me in act 6.4.3. And when I tap to intercept they just stand there. I’ve tried reloading game, restarting my phone, and everything else they say to do but it’s still happening. @kabaJax , I’m waisting potions when I shouldn’t have to on such easy fights aka Drax 6.4.3 path A.


  • The_only_leaderThe_only_leader Posts: 112

    It happens to me all the time no matter what game mode I am in

    Dang man, I quite the game for almost a year cause the lag issues, I was a big spender. I recently started back up hoping the bay got better but it worst then ever. I don’t get it. How can such talented people create this game and not be able to fix the controls. I’m serious. They are very talented to create a game like this. And it blows my mind how bad the controls are. It make feel like they set up that way so we have to use potions to keep playin haha.
  • Unfortunately yeah. There will be times where I apparently stop on the fourth hit and get instantly countered
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