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For the people who've read the story content pop ups

Could you tell me the story from act 1 I started reading them from 6.4 and found out their pretty interesting


  • Darkraw346Darkraw346 Posts: 2,008 ★★★★
    Buttehrs said:

    Paragraphs my guy, Paragraphs

    Lol I said it's a terrible explanation, not just beacuse I've probably missed a lot of details, but also beacuse I've just wrote it like a one giant thing
  • Sundance_2099Sundance_2099 Posts: 2,803 ★★★★★
    Buttehrs said:

    Paragraphs my guy, Paragraphs

    paragraphs, commas, sentence structure... ALL THE GRAMMAR!
  • Texas_11Texas_11 Posts: 2,638 ★★★★★
    If you look up timestreamer I think on you tube he covers all the stories.
  • I_tell_no_tales_1I_tell_no_tales_1 Posts: 1,188 ★★★★

    Buttehrs said:

    Paragraphs my guy, Paragraphs

    Lol I said it's a terrible explanation, not just beacuse I've probably missed a lot of details, but also beacuse I've just wrote it like a one giant thing
    Dude nice explanation but I almost ended up suffocating as I tend to hold my breath while reading and you had no commas for that 1 sec pause for me to take another breath
  • PikoluPikolu Posts: 6,650 Guardian

    Long story short, the Collector lets you compete with Kang in The contest of champions for the ISO Sphere which can control ISO-8 and shape the battlerealm itself.

    Thanos comes along and teams up with you to beat Kang. Once that's done your alliance is over with Thanos and you're pit up against Thanos in his team. Eventually you defeat Thanos then The Collector introduces you to THE ACTUAL owner of the battlerealm-The Maestro. (if you played through the story more recently, the maestro actually talks with thanos so you get introduced to him sooner than some of us old-timers did.)

    The Collector secretly rebels against The Maestro who looks to build an ultimate weapon from a lot of ISO-8:A NEW INFINITY STONE. You fight The Maestro, and that fight released enough energy for the Maestro to complete his infinity stone. He uses it to blast the collector back when Thanos steps in and punches the maestro knocking him out. Thanos then takes the infinity stone from the maestro and adds it to his infinity gauntlet.

    This next section doesn't happen in the story content but did happen in the monthly event quests. Thanos goes around collecting the infinity stones from various places. One of them happened to be dormammu after you defeated him. As Thanos gets closer, the avengers try to stop him. Thanos tricks them and manages to get the stones and brainwashes you to go with mephisto and track down the avengers which are hidden in the astral plane. Mephisto needed your help to take out thanos so he brings you to the avengers and captain america frees you. You then learn about their plan to stop thanos. MODOK recreated an infinity stone which allowed them to hide their entire army so when you approach Thanos, it will appear you are all alone. The infinity stones have a limited amount of power to them, so Doctor Strange had to cast a spell which cut him off from being sorcerer supreme to temporarily turn off 3 of the infinity stones. You then fight Thanos and after you beat him, those 3 stones lost all their power and you had to fight him again. This fight royally sucked to do because you had to do one after the other. After you beat him again and all of his stones are drained, then everyone else comes in and kills Thanos.

    With thanos out of the picture, the collector takes over the contest. The collector wanted you to suffer, but his brother-the Grandmaster-appears and gives you a boon for each detriment the collector put on you. The collector allows it. After that The Grandmaster comes and convinces you and everyone that if he ruled the contest, then he will treat you well, and he convinces you to defeat The Collector. The whole time the grandmaster was siphoning away the Collector's power from the iso sphere and when the collector realizes what has happened, it is too late and you beat the collector.

    After that, the Grandmaster isolates and divides each class of champions. By doing this it makes it harder for them to rebel against him and led to the worst chapter of story content in my life. With the help of other hero's you break them out and start to realize there are these crystal shards lying around. They seem important so you start gathering them. The avengers believe these shards hold the key to getting out of the battlerealm. The grandmaster, a man of culture, doesn't know why you're gathering them but wants them. So he challenges you to fight his champion, Ultron, and if you win then he will allow the champions to be free and give you his shards; however, if you lose, then you have to hand over all your shards and everyone has to go back to their containment areas. Of course you beat ultron easily and get the shards.

    Somehow, doctor strange had come back, don't exactly remember lol. Doctor strange casts a spell to bring the shards to their original form which wasn't a thing, but a person. Then the story jumps and the monthly quests covers this section. The collector freed himself from his crystal the grandmaster trapped him in and is very angry with you. He fights you and it honestly was a very easy fight. After being defeated he resigns himself to join you since he isn't nearly as powerful as he once was. AEgon then comes into the picture because the iso-belt he won in the original contest of champions told him to come back. With the collector's help he is able to channel the iso-belt and restore the statue of Carina to herself again. It was here we learn that carina was the collector's daughter, and we learned the way she had been crystallized was in the original contest of champions. After AEgon had won, the cosmic entity over the contest fought AEgon himself. He ripped off AEgon's arm trying to see how he was so powerful. In manner of Sword Art Online, Carina thrusts herself into the battle being killed very easily, but gave AEgon the 2 seconds he needed to stab the cosmic entity in the neck killing it. He then took the iso-belt and went into isolation.

    With Carina back int he picture, many bounty hunters go after her, and then she has difficulties in the contest because everyone thinks she's just as bad as the other elders. She sees how The Grandmaster treats the champions, she sees what happened to her father, and she sees how her Uncle The Grandmaster treats her. She decides to stop him and you defeat him. Carina then banishes her father and uncle and creates a council to try and find a way out of the battlerealm.

    After that in Act 7 she tries to put the battlerealm back together and in 7.2 Gwenpool steals The ISO-8 Sphere, making the battlerealm weird and mashing up champions. That power corrupts her and she becomes evil, ultimately she becomes GWENMASTER and you beat her.

    In 7.3 Kang comes back for revenge and when you beat him he does a move which brings every kang from the entire multiverse to his location. Only Superior Kang shows up and kicks Kang out and takes over the battlerealm. In Superior Kang's timeline, you never existed, so you never saved Carina. Superior Kang beat Thanos, Maestro, Collector, and the grandmaster becoming the ruler of the contest. Carina works with you to liberate Kang and with his help you defeat Superior Kang.

    In Act 8 you come across Ouroboros-an evil organization who seeks to liberate the contest from the Elders' reign (yeah, sure, we totally believe it...NO.) then you fight an assassin sent by them who is Corrupted Black widow. In 8.2 after bearing her Carina interrogates her which doesn't help much, their leader Glykhan puts a bounty on you and have a speech which is shown in the whole battlerealm. you discover their base of operation and go to stop them, it was a trap. You and Carina are separated and you face off against Hulk Bahamet.

    There you go. You should watch Marvel realm of champions elegy parts 1 and 2, and The story of the contest playlist

    Added my own parts to this to help bridge gaps and also added paragraphs.

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