Why dont we know anything?

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Why dont we know anything? I know they said they'll bring us information when they have it but why does that seem to be almost never? We know about atleast a dozen changes that are going to happen in the future but know almost nothing or very little about them, id atleast wanna know what to expect, or what they're currently focusing on, what ideas are they testing with, or even how far along the project is, i know there are roadblocks and things sometimes move backwards but they can easily put a disclaimer

I feel like this is something that we should for many reasons, firstly for threads like this and people asking whens this change coming, or "any news on _____" we're just kinda left on read with them saying "soon" but how soon is soon?

Secondly resource management is such a big part of the game, how are we suppose to know whether its appropriate to save, we could be saving for a month or a year, we dont know.

Thirdly, to keep players interested.


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