Free rewards

Former masters player in early retirement. No requirements for aq or aw, come join, park your acct play a little here and there or don’t, but if you do can guarantee you will get more then most for very little effort.

Find us in game - mqc19
Ally - ronin



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    Mqc19Mqc19 Posts: 370 β˜…β˜…β˜…
    Still room if interested.
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    willemadnnel117willemadnnel117 Posts: 62 β˜…
    Did you guys start your own alliance or what's the motivation behind the retirement? Not trying to be difficult, just curious as our alliance has the same set up but we're looking to kick a few people that aren't making any efforts.
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    Mqc19Mqc19 Posts: 370 β˜…β˜…β˜…
    Alliance events are to tedious. Busy lives.
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