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This side quest sucks hard

DeepworldDeepworld Posts: 284 ★★★
I don't normally complain about side quests as the past few months have been okay or good. But this month's SQ is really sucky. I know we've had this format before where you enter every day / every other day and run a line of champs to see how far you get, and you still collect currency with every fight so you can quit anytime, but with the objectives on this one and the highly-sought after rewards (e.g. 6* generic gem) towards the last few objectives of their lines, it's really not ideal. Not to mention that Kabam's loaded the SQ with nodes that require you to have a broad roster, and BS defenders (looking at you Peni on the last node). The rewards are okay, I suppose, but considering the high stakes and pressure of having to do well EVERY single run of the quest (otherwise you miss out on the high yield rewards), it just does not compare to the previous months where you could get 6* gems and rank up materials with a bit more ease AND, more importantly, way less stress.

Just my thoughts tho.
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