Looking for couple after season. P1 push

Looking for couple after rewards drop.

Us based preferably. Active and don’t need babysitting

If u can handle multiple path a plus.

Looking for path 1/5/7/9

Aw we are usually p1/2
Aq map 5/6
Bg 250k min

War videos are helpful if helping us make a decision

If ur interested hit me up on line


Or reach out to an officer our alliance tag is stark


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    HeyoHeyo Posts: 22

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    HeyoHeyo Posts: 22
    I prefer path4 but I can adapt to what is needed.
    Give me a Holla.
    300k+ bgs each season
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    X_E_CutionerX_E_Cutioner Posts: 155
    Messaged on Line with a bunch of videos
    But i think they haven't been delivered ... Try and add me so we can talk
    ID - introv_
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    GAD0STbGAD0STb Posts: 4

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    GAD0STbGAD0STb Posts: 4

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