Are Bounty Quest Timers paused during Extended Maintenance?

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The title says it all.

I triggered a bounty quest 30 minutes before 8 hour extended maintenance. I am in a very active alliance but no way I could possibly get 15 people to participate in final 30 minutes before extended maintenance as most were scrambling to bang out as much arena as possible or use AQ energy last minute.

Will the timers be paused on bounty mission valor quests during extended maintenance. It seems only fair. The missions are only 6 hours long and extended maintenance is 8 hours.

I hope a mod can answer this question as I am sure I am not the only one affected.

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere already. Tried searching and didn't find it.


  • I doubt it. Timers for any limited time events are never paused during maintenance. They aren't actually timers that can be paused: my understanding is that they are actually more like alarms: they are counting down to a proscribed expiration moment. They cannot be "paused" in that sense.
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    SKK65 wrote: »
    Your not the only one. I triggered a Bounty Mission aswell. Unfortunately, it was my first triggered Bounty Mission. Disappointed that it lasted 1 minute. I was the only one who did it. So, can't wait for my 6 or 7 five star shards. >:(

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    SKK65 you may be disappointed further.

    My alliance has only been receiving 100 shards or zero.
    You either make it or you don't.
  • pseudosanepseudosane Posts: 2,560 ★★★★★
    Got a nice surprise here.

    Logged in after maintenance and the first time I collected valor I retriggered my bounty mission. Don't know if it was going to retrigger regardless of collecting any valor but was quite surprised and happy to see that it did. Got my 15 people in early am and my 100 shards.
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