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Skill nexus help

6* skill champs are lacking in my roster. KP is at r4 waiting to go to r5. Rolled my 6* nexus and have first time pull options of:

Jabari Panther

I’m leaning towards Zemo but I don’t know much about him.



  • OakenshieldOakenshield Posts: 1,197 ★★★
    Crit monkey
  • Viking_St3v3Viking_St3v3 Posts: 142 ★★

    Crit monkey

    I love my Hit Monkey. But would think many would say Zemo.
  • DL864DL864 Posts: 1,089 ★★★
    Zemo is overrated imo.
  • HSS75HSS75 Posts: 1,063 ★★★
    edited July 2
    Aren't Nexus supposed to be 3 champions? Unless it's an Abyss one with 10 champions
  • coolspiderman17_coolspiderman17_ Posts: 322 ★★
    Hit monkey
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,988 ★★★★★
    Whilst Zemo may be slightly overrated in some ways, he's clearly a very solid, reliable champion with broadly applicable utility.

    I'd definitely go with him out of this lot.
  • KnightOfTheRealmKnightOfTheRealm Posts: 880 ★★★
    Zemo is seriously mid and I regret r4ing him deeply. Take monkey
  • rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 1,505 ★★★★
    Zemo,, even though he's a bit over rated, hitmonkey isn't any better either.

    I'd rather have zemo than HM
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