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10mil+ rated active friendly ally, expert tier AQ map 5x5 with 3 bg clears all 5 days, AW Tier 2. SA hit weekly in the top 6 to 20% bracket.
Min Requirements:
4500+ prestige
Must be active in AQ and AW
Completion 15K
Duels 650
We are currently recruiting for new path clearers or boss killers for AQ. We are in expert tier of AQ playing map 5x5 clearing 3 bgs every AQ.
If you're interested or have any questions add me on line or in game.
Line ID: Rednick69
In Game: Rednick69


  • Rednick69Rednick69 Posts: 325
    Still looking.
  • Rednick69Rednick69 Posts: 325
    Still looking
  • Hi Rednick69,
    My meme is Buddy4141: First and foremost, i have a prestige of 4739, but it could be much higher if need be;
    I’ve been playing for nearly 3 years and was the leader of my own alliance for 2 1/2. I consider myself fairly skilled, although this game humbles you :-)
    My top champs are the following:
    5* Magik rank 4 (96 sig) level 4, almost 5 md: 10050 pi
    4* Gwenpool rank 5 (23 sig): 7365 pi
    4* Elektra rank 5 (29 sig): 6989 pi
    4* Thor rank 5 (40 Sig) 6907 pi
    4* Hyperion rank 5 (30 sig): 6601 pi
    4* Vision (aou) rank 5 (40 sig): 6518 pi
    4* X23 rank 5 (66 sig): 6515 pi
    4* Starlord Rank 5: (65 sig): 6416 pi
    4* Punisher rank 5 (10 sig): 6249

    I tailor my masteries often for specific events, as this is a chess game. That being said, I always follow protocol without question Although I consider myself a skilled player, my greatest contributions will be my contributions to helpfulness, contribution to team camaraderie, integrity and most of all, reliability,

    Love to hear more about your alliance.

    My kindest regards,


  • Sorry if i’m wordy, that comes with age :-)
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