Daily cards

I've been buying the throne breaker daily card deals yet the throne breaker card in the store does not show? Is this just me?


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    Tylz101Tylz101 Posts: 47
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    JollyHawkJollyHawk Posts: 565 ★★★
    Are you Thronebreaker?
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    FuriousImpalerFuriousImpaler Posts: 50
    If you are not Thronebreaker, you can buy the cards ahead of time as you progress to TB but you can not buy the TB card with stamps in the store.

    I am Thronebreaker and can buy Paragon cards. I cannot buy the Paragon card in the store yet.

    I am sure that when I am Paragon, all my purchases of Paragon stamps will not have been saved as well. LOL.
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