Are wish crystals still on the back burner

Still wishing for a 6star doom


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    They are not in the back burner, they are never coming. Wish crystals were part of the conversation before the flood of nexus, class nexus and abyss nexus crystals. With the access to all of those nexus crystals wish crystals will never be coming.

    That's not precisely true. Wish crystals were an idea mentioned to provide players with more champion acquisition agency. However, they decided to do other things instead. As a result, wish crystals as an idea are (as far as I'm aware) not on any production roadmap with specific plans to make them. However, there's no expiration date on ideas, and whether they ever show up depends on whether the devs decide to revisit that idea or not.

    I mention this because this is true for all ideas. When the devs share future plans and roadmaps, many of the ideas in those roadmaps are just that: ideas. Until they get officially put into the development pipeline, they aren't guaranteed to show up (and sometimes not even then). That's the thing players have to recognize when they ask for communication about future plans. Those plans change. All the people saying how road maps are supposed to be predictable things people are supposed to count on were creating unrealistic expectations. If every time the devs mention what their current future plans are they are going to have players ask about them indefinitely, it only implies they should never do that. They can't say its coming, because it isn't coming. But they can't say it is never coming, because that's not true either. It is just not being worked on. That's all they know, and all they could say.
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    An actual picture of wish crystals on the back burner

    The picture is so high quality that you can actually just make out all of our hopes and dreams for this game in the pot as well
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