For Relics to be relevant

An easy way for relics to be meaningful without being brain strain simply make the synergies.
E.g. Ghost Rider can be placed in Blade with the same effect as having him on the team.
You will not have to worry about unforeseen interactions that are game breaking while at the same time making the relic and the attacker significantly better.
As is relics are merely combo extenders, nice is suppose but honestly so what.
Also allow relics to be stacked e.g. Ghost Rider and Stark enhanced Spider Man can be placed on Blade!
With this you will already know the effect can can cancel to a large degree on revamping old champs.
Many champs old and new are good with a 4 team support, even Cyclops!
Well just my 2 cents


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    AsmondenaAsmondena Posts: 156
    Another safe and easy way is for relics to be of value is to modify masteries.
    Relics would increase attributes such as deep wounds, will power, mystics dispersion, assassin, attack, health, block proficiency,…
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