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Is BG matchmaking worse?

I feel like my BG matchmaking has sucked this whole season. I just want to say this is the least enjoyable node by far too. God it’s so frustrating. I’m getting matched with profiles that have 4 mil hero rating when my account isn’t even 1.5 mil. How is Kabam doing the matchmaking? I’m in gold 2 and it’s horrible?


  • JarvisreiJarvisrei Posts: 396 ★★
    From the last season itself I am only getting matches with rosters far stronger than mine and the only time when I get a easy match up is when I face random 8k prestige ones who mostly likely got there by modding. But whenever someone asks this same question they always get replies like "skill issue".

    So yes, I took it in an optimistic way of "no one with my level of roster is as skilled as me so they haven't got to the tier I'm at. It's not like I lose every match anyway.
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