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Spot no longer has Unsteady Grounds tag?

DukenpukeDukenpuke Posts: 658 ★★★
Is this intentional? I don't recall hearing anything about it. We used him as our AW boss all last season and were planning on doing so again, but without the tag he's not really a viable choice any longer.


  • DukenpukeDukenpuke Posts: 658 ★★★
    Are these changes announced anywhere? I've looked through the AW season 43 announcement from back in June, and did a search on the forums and can't find any information.

    Auntm.ai still shows Spot listed with the tag. Just trying to figure out if this is a bug or not.
  • Jaymix79Jaymix79 Posts: 232 ★★★
    Iceman recently had one of his dropped but added back later when it was brought up. Hopefully it’s just a bug like Iceman.
  • DukenpukeDukenpuke Posts: 658 ★★★
    I opened a support ticket too, as it doesn't appear to be a high priority item on the forums.
  • DukenpukeDukenpuke Posts: 658 ★★★
    Canned response. No update provided.

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