Next Big Science Rank Up

10or_Strong10or_Strong Posts: 1,196 ★★★
Looking for insight on these two Champs. Got lucky with a few pulls lately and managed to get 6* Photon once (and used a gem and some sig stones on) and 7* Silk twice. I have the resources to take only 1 up for now, and am torn as both have a lot of pros. Any advice on why you select the option you do is also appreciated.

Next Big Science Rank Up 16 votes

7* Silk (Sig 20) to R2
AdvItsClobberinTimeNoob_Master69RenaxqqHoitadoRohit_316Final_OrderAxewHonorable_BluJayJarvisreiArmageddøn 11 votes
6* Photon (Sig 100) to R5
bhuv9191Thi101houndogακιEdisonLawHatsumomo 5 votes
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