So I just went into a battlegrounds matchup I won the first round they used a massacre against my sasquatch and lost and then coming out of my second round I put out a ibomb and as soon as I came out of the fight it said I lost .. which isn't possible and when I looked over the fights all the champions had changed

and so did the scores? Really confused please look into this. @Kabam Miike @kabamJaxSucks


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    Tylz101Tylz101 Posts: 47
    Ps galan was also banned during this
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    Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 7,208 ★★★★★
    ahmynuts said:

    LMAOOO tagged kabam jax sucks instead of @Kabam Jax

    Also no hack or mod like this exists that we know of.
    Also also, this post is against forum rules

    Also, who cares? Modding in BGs is such old news people were reading about it on the Hindenburg.
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    JarvisreiJarvisrei Posts: 397 ★★
    It's probably your previous match records, not sure though.
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    SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 10,993 Guardian
    edited August 2023
    (1) disconnect upon completion of a fight (server doesn’t get Sync’d up with your just completed win, and so thinks there was a disconnect), causing a “forfeit” (better description would be “forfeit/disconnect/crash”) for the match.

    (2) when that happens, there had been another bug (maybe still a bug) in which it shows you the results of your PREVIOUS match, not the one just forfeited/disconnected.

    Or to clarify, NOT a modder/hacker, they could not remotely interfere with your connection to Kabam servers.
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