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7* Legends Selector remorse?

SIlverProfessorSIlverProfessor Posts: 442 ★★
edited September 1 in General Discussion
To those of you who selected a champ, if you could select a different champ would you and why?


  • SIlverProfessorSIlverProfessor Posts: 442 ★★
    Hahaha. I’m in the same boat (sort of). I was lucky to pull a selector from the 7hr crystal and pulled Maw. Now I’m on the fence between Black Panther or Ant Man. I have a r5 Herc so BP would be a nice synergy partner. With Mojo coming in, Ant Man could also be nice.
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 3,356 ★★★★
    I took Antman somewhat as a nostalgia pick as he was an integral part of my ghost synergy team when 5* were a thing.

    I have all of them as 6* now but while I haven't used ghost much these days and wouldn't R4 a 6* Antman, the 7* is very usable.

    No Ragrets.
  • 2StarKing2StarKing Posts: 788 ★★★
    I am holding my crystal til all the champ announcements and content changes are made. I still have 11 days to make a choice.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 7,956 ★★★★★

    I've been avoiding remorse by still not choosing. Letting the decision marinate.

    And I thought I was the only one…

    Dr. Zola
  • SIlverProfessorSIlverProfessor Posts: 442 ★★
    I’m patient to a fault. Haha.
  • UnOriginalUnOriginal Posts: 725 ★★★
    Im still waiting i think i can get another 7* before the timer expires and if It is Hulk i,ll choose BP if not most likely Emma since i have a colosus and an omega red (Who i plan ranking up) i wont pick evony since i have a sassy and i dont feel like having two mystic defenders and i'll consider sam or antman once i know more about their abillity
  • 007Bishop007Bishop Posts: 326 ★★★

    To those of you who selected a champ, if you could select a different champ would you and why?

    I am happy with my Emma pick. A 6* duped/high sig ant-man is better than an unduped 7* so I'll just use the ant-man i have to take on any 7* Mojos i might come across. Plus there are better buff immune champs/mojo counters. He isn't exactly my concern atm
  • Standardman1989Standardman1989 Posts: 449 ★★
    I had a hard time choosing 😂 I made a default choice because the perished seal and I would have had too many t3a t6b in reserve. Nobody made me dream so I chose Ebony by default
  • RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 1,558 ★★★★
    Took Emma. Even better than I expected! Awesome champ!
  • Blax999Blax999 Posts: 27
    edited September 3
    Ant-man is a bit hard to fully optimize in offense but no regret for the moment, he was good against mystics (maw particularly!) in BG and a monster in the EQ (photon chapter). Not really got the chance to use him on defense though, if everyone else have an opinion on it let me know !
  • SIlverProfessorSIlverProfessor Posts: 442 ★★
    Rumor was in BG Ant Man should be a little tanky on defense. Can anyone verify this?
  • MidnightfoxMidnightfox Posts: 1,004 ★★★
    I wish I had chosen Sam or Emma over maw now.
  • SIlverProfessorSIlverProfessor Posts: 442 ★★
    Why’s that?
  • SamanunSamanun Posts: 311 ★★
    Going for the 6 star
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