Battle Grounds Incentivizes Need a Update?

Every season it is a slug through bronze to maybe gold, battling stacked accounts and legends titles for 3 weeks plus. Then the last 72 hours, it is as soft as warm butter at platinum levels and higher.
It is literally people who have just started.
Clearly most players are sitting out 90% of the season to avoid being soul crushingly over matched and CHEATERS.
They sit out to avoid the above mentioned allowing them to rise and thus remove themselves from the Circuit resulting in a fairer playing field.
I have suggested before and will repeat that victory track should be activity scoring heavy and gladiator more result driven. E.g.
1) Progress through Victory track via merely round wins, not even match wins.
Win a round earn a point forward.
2) At Gladiator things change drastically demanding much more results aKa match wins.


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    AsmondenaAsmondena Posts: 156
    If my above analysis is incorrect then small account are afforded a path forward that ultimately results in them being destroyed once they reach a Serbian level.
    In any event I am Paragon and bronze and silver were hell.
    Platinum plus is a total joke, something feels not right.
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    AsmondenaAsmondena Posts: 156
    Excuse the above typo, not Serbian but certain level.
    Speech to text is not perfect. LOL
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