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CGR Funsies

DUHveedDUHveed Posts: 353 ★★★
edited September 2023 in General Discussion
This is probably a question for @SlayerOfGods but here goes nothing. I was doing some funsies in ROL with my r4 CGR and was wondering if it’s possible to get them down in one sp3 and sp2 rotation. I did an sp3 rotation and built back up to sp2 without triggering dex, and the sp2 was coming nearly close to KOing them, but not quite. Is there a better rotation I should be using that can get them down in one cycle? Running ouchies by the way


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    DUHveedDUHveed Posts: 353 ★★★
    Thanks man! Love the content on CGR. I’m nowhere near your level in using him but I was pumped about getting a Domino down in 37 seconds in BGs the other day
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