5* UC long overdue problem

5* UC unstoppable after specials aren't working correctly please fix


  • SighsohardSighsohard Posts: 516 ★★★
    It's been way too long

    They don't care.

    It's actually already fixed, they're just not giving it to us cuz they want to send a huge patch that fixes many things at once.
  • RiegelRiegel Posts: 1,088 ★★★★
    Sorry forums 2.0 was priority. Playability later.
  • MasterSmokeMasterSmoke Posts: 200 ★★
    It's kind of disappointing to not be able to use my 5* UC properly after saving for so long
  • FreakOrcaFreakOrca Posts: 22
    Frankly I believe for the work that goes into saving 800k Alliance loyalty badges he's just not worth it. If they added stagger like Juggernaut has then he'd be worth it.
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