What is prestige?

Call me a noob all you want but, I really don’t know what people are talking about when they measure prestige. Is it ratings? Champ ratings? I honestly don’t know. I’m a 51k Player —as I have stated before— but have no clue what it is or is supposed to represent. Can someone please explain in detail what is prestige and what it does.


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    It is a good question to ask, even at your current level. Prestige is the rating of your top 5 champs without any masteries. Most alliances use a spreadsheet that helps them decide who to rank up to achieve higher prestige which in turn helps for higher scores in Alliance Quests. At your current level it is not a huge concern, you need to get good champs (champs with bleed, champs with regen, champs with immunities). That will help you push towards running in a larger alliance that runs harder maps which will yield better rewards to help you grow.
  • Oooooohhhh thanks bro!
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    .. The champs pi without mastery is the champ's prestige.....
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    Average pi of top 5 champs of each ally member in an ally known as alliance prestige..
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