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We have adjusted the node placement of the new AW maps to better allow path traversal. As a result, defender placements have been reset. Please, take a moment to re-place your defender setup. We will be pushing out a message in-game shortly.

Adam Warlock and Moondragon - Balance Update

Hey all,

Balance Team here again with an update on the latest round of Champions up for review, Adam Warlock and Moondragon!

Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock joined the contest aimed at being a “damage dealing, two-way champion”. Adam hit those goals with amazing DPS once he finishes his ramp and a very solid defensive win rate. Adam, also, has an incredibly unique ability, ducking into his Stasis Pod to avoid big bursts of damage, even tanking Galan’s Harvest! His playstyle can be tricky to sustain in certain situations, but when he starts getting his Sovereignty Counter going, he becomes a top Cosmic option.

Overall Adam has hit the mark in every way we wanted him to so he’ll be staying as is!


Designed primarily as an Attacker, Moondragon entered the battlerealm with a few Science defenders as targets, notably Spider-Ham and Abomination (Immortal). So far we’re seeing healthy performances in her non-targeted matchups where players ramp to Psionic Transcendence with Mind Blast. We’re also pleased with her performance in targeted matchups, where Moondragon reaches Psionic Transcendence earlier. All in all, we’re happy with how Moondragon has landed and won’t be making changes to her kit!

What’s Next

We are working on a champion update for Red Skull! Look for increased access to his Armor Up buffs, as well as a few new tools to upgrade his kit. Red Skull’s timeline will look like:

  • 41.2 (October) + 41.3 (November) Beta builds 
  • 42.0 (December): Full release with updated kit
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