Veteran player experience vs New player

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My main account was around for 2 plus years. I was by no means the best but I was decent. All content completed except Lol. 2 rank 4 5*, high end aq play and tier 2 sometimes 1 war. Got sick of the game and to force myself to stop I sold off all of my 3* and 4* champs.

Stayed away for a month plus. Then I logged into my sons unused account that had been sitting dormant. 1 4* Spider-Man and an overal hero rating of 5k. I played this account for 1 week, pulled a 4* yondu and sym spider as well as a 3 star star lord that I awakened and beat winter soilder in realm with. I explored act 3 , currently up to 4.2.3 and completed rtl up to 3.2 completed heroic. Hero rating now up to 15k

I had forgotten how much more fun the game and was when there was more to look forward to. How enjoyable the earlier acts were where skill alone and not the right champs or deep pockets or bs nodes were a part of things. I can’t continue that account cause it is crippled by already being in expert tier vs but I do wish Kabam had managed to keep the same level of enjoyment in end game content. Endlessly playing aq and aw in hopes of landing the coveted champ to them just us them in aq and aw just got to be too boring for me.

Just sharing my little experience. I found it to be interesting.


  • Yeah man agreed, like even leveling up was fun to look forward to, too bad it stops at 60.
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