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Change skills of old Boss champs?

Im talking about champions that got skill clearly there to work with boss nodes only.
take Black bolt as example...if he was boss in an event i could see his skill being usefull as with 300k life you keep critting him and he still have lots of health, but he also gain lots of buffs.
as a player this is worth nothing as being hit means you die. and BB dont have 300k hp when i use him.
Hulk was similar before..only good with tiny health, but with tiny health you have no much use for it, ofc hulk was buffed.
any plans on buffing the remaining champs like electra, x force deadpool etc other champs that was clearly built just to annoy players as bosses and mkni bosses in an event and not made for gameplay?
ofc BB is the best worst example :p why not just give him similar skills as crossbones, but with fury and crit, but with 50% less chance of activation?
bb right now is just there for Royal Family synergy for me
writing this with an insane toothache so it might look like im scatterbrained more than normally :o
but i hope it come though what i mean.
all champions that have skills only at end of life(which clearly was added to annoy a player fighting the champion and not fighting with it)

am i making some sense?
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