**WE ARE NO LONGER Temporarily Reverting Tier 1 War Ban System**

After further discussion, the game team has made the decision not make adjustements to the ban system.
The previously proposed fix would have resolved the issue for Summoners who are on the cusp of T1/T2 play, and negatively impacted Alliances more securely in T1. Instead, we recommend that cusp Alliances switch to Manual Placement to your members to place the allotted 5 Ban Champions limit there.

Apologies for the back and forth, and for any confusion.

BGs scoring

Crimson8399Crimson8399 Posts: 757 ★★★
edited October 2023 in General Discussion
Are there any plans to update this again soon. It seems like all someone has to do anymore to win is put defenders that take forever to kill on defense. I have finished so many fights with the defender less than half health and and I’m at full but since I didn’t have a defender that takes a long time to kill I get the lose. Just seems like there should be more point criteria’s to balance things like this out.


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    DrZolaDrZola Posts: 8,694 ★★★★★
    Happy to take a look at your deck and offer suggestions.

    Dr. Zola
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