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Let’s settle a mutant debate

LpooLpoo Posts: 2,215 ★★★★★
I was debating bringing up 6* storm, but I use my 7* stormPX quite a bit. Regardless of star rarity, which is better?

Let’s settle a mutant debate 35 votes

Storm OG
buffajrMasterduxRayhanIshaqueAdvButtehrsMoeyTehrdangarang122Thanos77Sparty6SuperDuperBuuuTony_5tankLickyKlippTribalChiefAnsh_AMiniMFQueenMcocCookieJarMonsta 18 votes
Storm PX
SecondSkrillerDOKTOROKTOPUSDogfoodLidGarlocaptain_rogersItsClobberinTimeBeastDadIoniqus_797CyrillFromTulaUltragamerwillrun4adonutNight_Rider我是WayneTeeBleezyShriek_And_DonkAlphaqflapjax 17 votes


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    SecondSkrillerSecondSkriller Posts: 1,093 ★★★★
    Storm PX
    Storm X’s passive stun applies to all classes, so she counters shruggers much better
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    MikeHancho31MikeHancho31 Posts: 247 ★★★
    I'm actually curious about this too. I have a r2 Storm somewhere around 100 sigs I might take to r4 to compliment my 7# X.
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    flapjaxflapjax Posts: 285 ★★★
    Storm PX
    OG Storm has some crazy offensive potential but is the most noodley of noodleyest noodle defenders who have ever noodled.

    Storm X has similar offense potential, but can be annoying defensively as glancing is the worst.
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    UsagicassidyUsagicassidy Posts: 1,107 ★★★★
    OG Storm has one of her ugliest outfits in a century of near-perfect designs. She almost never misses - but of course the one time she does is when this game came out so we’re forever cursed with this look.

    Not a legitimate assessment, which is why I didn’t vote. But truly her look is one of the only reasons I haven’t ranked her up.
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