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Silk and Kindred - Balance Update

Hey Summoners,

Balance Team here again with an update on the latest round of Champions up for review, Silk and Kindred!


Silk entered the contest aimed at being an Alliance War and Battlegrounds attacker that quickly and efficiently took down some of the scariest mystics. Her value was immediately felt across the Battlerealm, quickly being one of the most used, and now banned, attackers in these modes. We took a look at her data to make sure she did not break the ceiling of damage dealers in the Science class, and we’re glad to say she hasn’t! The Battlerealm’s first 7r3 will be staying as is.


Kindred was aimed at becoming the next scary Mystic defender. With Centipede strikes that reduce Buff Potency through Atrophy, a difficult Special 1 you need to punish, and a root to try and catch you one last time. Overall Kindred has performed extremely well on defense, even considering both the Alliance War and Battlegrounds Attack Tactics take away their biggest threat. Offensively Kindred is performing well in their niche target matchups, which is all that was asked of them. Kindred is a menace in the best way and we’ll be keeping them as is.

What’s Next

Because both of these champions are staying as is, we will be giving Red Guardian a tune up! We’re aiming to make his rotation much more sustainable and his damage more rewarding. The timeline for Red Guardian will be as follows:
42.0 (December) + 42.1 (January) Beta builds
42.2 (February): Full release with changes
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