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**Not Another Anime Reference Solo Event Returning**
This solo event has been fixed and will appear in game again on December 10th and will run through the 17th.
Reminder: This event is available to Paragon+ Summoners

Updating Rintrah (and info page) in December

Hello Summoners!

Coming with the December update, there will be some minor changes to Rintrah, primarily consisting of a rework of his info page. We've rewritten the info page to make his kit much easier to understand and to accurately represent abilities that are currently present in his kit that we feel are not properly communicated through his old info page.

The new info page will add clarity to older abilities that lack detail regarding how they worked or were triggered. Along with this new info page, we're adding the #Dimensional Being tag to Rintrah and making some bug fixes to his kit to ensure that abilities are functioning properly.

These fixes are minor and do not modify any of the core gameplay loops that define Rintrah’s gameplay and identity surrounding using Neutralize to prevent Buff-centric Cosmic threats. 

Below is Rintrah’s brand new info page along with the bugs that have been fixed. His spotlight will also be updated to reflect these changes.

Info Page 

(The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 6-Star Rintrah)

Always Active

  • Incoming Armor Break Debuffs suffer -50% potency for each other Armor Break already on Rintrah, to a minimum of 0% potency. Rintrah gains +623.7 Attack Rating per Armor Break Debuff on him.
  • All of Rintrah’s Rupture Debuffs deal 623.7 Physical Damage over 15 seconds.

Dev Notes: Rintrah still has his base 30% Energy Resistance and 20% Crit Resistance. These have been removed from his info page since they can now be seen in his Attributes page.

All Attacks

  • When either Champion lands a hit, Rintrah has a 60% chance to inflict a non-stacking 100% Neutralize Passive for 3 seconds. 
  • Against Cosmic and Superior Champions, instead the Neutralize chance is 100%, potency is 200%, and duration is 6 seconds.

Mystical Charges - Max: 20

  • Gain 1 Mystical Charge when the Opponent is inflicted with Rintrah’s personal Neutralize.
  • Gain 2 Mystical Charges when the Opponent fails to gain a Buff due to reduced Ability Accuracy.
  • Lose 5 Mystical Charges when knocked down.
  • After inflicting any personal Rupture, a Mystical Timer starts for 15 seconds. When it expires, all Mystical Charges are lost.

Mystical Charge Effects

  • 10+ Charges: When either Champion Strikes their Opponent or their Block with a Light Attack, inflict 1 Rupture Debuff.
  • 10+ Charges: Rintrah’s Special Attacks are Passively Unblockable.
  • 10+ Charges: When Rintrah strikes his Opponent or their Block while his back is to the wall, he becomes Passively Unstoppable for 6 seconds.
  • 15+ Charges: Rintrah is Stun Immune.
  • 20+ Charges: When the Opponent activates a Special Attack, Rintrah inflicts a Root Debuff on himself until the end of the Special Attack. This Root has no cooldown.


  • When Rintrah strikes his Opponent or their Block with his fourth Light Attack while their back is to the wall, he inflicts a Root Debuff on himself for 6 seconds. Cooldown: 12 seconds.
  • While Rooted for any reason, Rintrah becomes Passively Unstoppable, inflicts a Taunt Debuff of 20% potency, and increases his Energy Resistance and Critical Resistance by +22.73 per Mystical Charge.
  • While Rooted for any reason, inflict 2 additional Ruptures when either Champion is struck by or Blocks a contact attack.
  • While affected by a personal Root, performing a Heavy or Special Attack removes the Root and inflicts 5 Rupture Debuffs.

Dev Notes: One of the key bugs found within Rintrah’s kit was inflicting 2 Ruptures while any Root effect was active regardless of whether or not Rintrah was below 10 Mystical Charges or if the attack used was a non-Light contact Attack. Rather than remove this and increase his damage elsewhere, we’ve decided to keep this the way it is and specify the ability itself so that players using this ability intentionally or not, could keep their same gameplay flow.

Heavy Attack

  • The first hit pauses all personal Ruptures for 4 seconds.

Special Attack 1

  • Each hit grants 1 Mystical Charge.
  • On the final hit, if Rintrah has 10 or more Mystical Charges, gain a Fury Passive increasing Attack Rating by +1247.4 for 10 seconds.

Special Attack 2

  • On activation, pause all personal Ruptures on the Opponent for 4 seconds.
  • The final hit removes all Mystical Charges and gains +1663.2 Attack Rating per personal Rupture on the Opponent. 
  • When this Special Attack ends, remove all personal Ruptures from the Opponent and remove the Mystical Timer if it’s active.

Special Attack 3

  • Passively Regenerate 1% of missing Health per Mystical Charge.
  • After this Attack, the Opponent will have their back to the wall.

Signature Ability - Never Back Down

  • When the Opponent fails to gain a Buff due to reduced Ability Accuracy while Rintrah is below 20 Mystical Charges, Rintrah gains a Power Gain Buff granting [2 - 10]% of Max Power over 2 seconds. Max: 3.
  • When struck by or Blocking an attack while Unstoppable, Passively Regenerate [1 - 3]% of missing Health.

Dev Notes: Rintrah’s Power Gain in his Signature Ability has been reworded to function as to how it’s been working since his release. We’ve chosen to keep the current state of the ability, rather than modify it to match the older text. It will stay how it is currently functioning.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where Rintrah’s info page stated that his Neutralize Passives against Cosmic and Superior Champions were 5 seconds long when they are actually 6 seconds long. They are remaining 6 seconds long.
  • Fixed an issue where Rintrah’s Neutralize Passives against Cosmic and Superior Champions had the incorrect base chance. (120% instead of 100%).
  • Fixed an issue where Rintrah would not gain 2 Mystical Charges when the Opponent failed to gain a Buff due to Ability Accuracy when triggered at 18 or 19 Mystical Charges.

  • Fixed an issue where when Rintrah's Opponent activated a Special Attack, the Root that Rintrah would inflict himself with at 20+ charges would expire before the end of the Special Attack finished.
  • Fixed an issue where when the Opponent strikes Rintrah with their fourth light attack, they would also Root Rintrah while their back was against the wall.
  • Fixed an issue where Special 1 would only grant Mystical Charges while Rintrah has 16 or less Mystical Charges.
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