New Sigil Currency for 7* SWitch?

Since she has appeared in the shop and requires a new currency, naturally expected some announcement or info blurb about this development. Will this start with the next reset for sigil subscribers or will this be exclusive to valiant title holders? @Kabam Miike


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    GalactikDonutGalactikDonut Posts: 347 ★★★
    they said in a stream last month that the 7 star would take a new currency available to only paragon and valiant players, with valiant players getting more credits per week. they have not announced when the new credits will be put into the solo objectives but i’d be willing to bet it’ll before or on the 1st week of december
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    Zeke_the_XbotZeke_the_Xbot Posts: 331 ★★
    Guess I missed that part Thanks
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