Welcome (back) to the Necropolis! Path 2 guide

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So... remember how I said it would probably be a minute before I started my second path of necropolis? That might have been a lie. Anyways, here we go again!

The Squad:
6* R4 ascended sig 160 Aegon
7* R2 level 17 unduped shuri (#BuffIsoDrops)
6* R1 heimdall (His indestructible does not proc however he still negates the first blow that would kill you. So basically, if you play well enough, you can tank one sp3 per fight and still survive, very very clutch on certain fights)
5* R4 proxima (For increased fury potency and backup combo shield for aegon)
6* R4 Fury (Used him in a fight and then kept him dead for 20% attack, should've brought a reverse control immune champ in retrospect)

The Stash:
4200 units (grinded the platinumpool and basic arenas and also got a lot of units from battlechip crystals, rest was earned via solo events)
4 L1 revives
1 L2 revive (don't be like me, build a legit stash before going on these paths unless you are okay with spending a **** ton of units)
Max stacks of L3 potions plus around 80 in the stash
8 L4 potions
2 L5 potions
3 team revives (didn't use any though)
Some smaller 30 minute boosters were used, my stash of 1 hour boosts is very nearly empty
Around 80 free crystals

Masteries: Same as my first clear but with the extra mastery point in deep wounds. Despair mastery is strongly recommended for the namor fight.

Journey to the Grandmaster (Went for the mister fantastic path then the apoc path)

TRAP NODE ALERT: All fights between Mister Fantastic and Psycho Man deal a burst of damage to you whenever you hit them in the corner with a contact attack. Aegon sorta prevents this via his defensive AAR at 500 combo but ability accuracy reduction is capped at 50% against non-science opponents for him so it's very inconsistent. Watch your space and dash back closer towards your end of the arena if you have to. Shuri completely counters this node though so that's a plus.

Mister fantastic wasn't too terrible. When he throws a special attack he places debuffs on himself based on the respective special that increase his power gain. If he gets 3 of the same debuff he gets a permanent passive. The ideal strategy is to alternate between baiting sp1 and sp2 so that he doesn't get the passives, as the power gain is much easier to control this way. I used fury at the start to kill him off and then ramped up aegon here. Aegon shrugs off his debuffs at 100 combo and also gets true accuracy so the evade is not really a problem once you get into it. When he enrages keep trying to alternate his specials as both are easy to evade even while rooted. 6 revives, played well with aegon so I got around 700 combo off this fight.

Namor was a joke. He basically takes no damage unless he has a DOT passive or debuff, however he is also unduped so he doesn't reflect the damage. Shuri cheeses this as she takes no damage from the trap node and also has loads of shock damage. She also mitigates his healing via her shock debuffs and despair so definitely put that mastery on before going in. When he enrages try to push to sp2 as I don't think the sp1 is fully evadable when rooted. Ramp up your shocks and win. 1 revive.

Attuma was a lot trickier. This is another shuri fight since she counters his thorns damage, however when he drops below 70% his hydration will be paused when you hit his block. At 40%, they are also paused when you dash back. This can make it difficult to remove his hydration at times and can easily lead to you get cornered. Try to be aggressive with the shocks and push to sp2 at first since it gives him less hydration. However, when he enrages, bait the sp1 as the rooted sp2 is not fully evadable to my knowledge. 4 revives.

Air Walker was a nuisance as usual. Use Aegon, get your furies, mind the trap node, knock him down, and quit out if he gets the galactus buff. 6 revives, got to 999 combo here.

Captain Britain was stupidly easy with shuri since she can control when she lands crits. This means that once you are ramped up, you can prevent the exhaustion and in turn prevent the reversed controls. As always, try to bait sp1 when she enrages, though you could try and push to sp2 if you can get the untouchable. 2 revives since I messed up a few times.

Wiccan was a pain with the trap node. Use Aegon, get furies, push him to sp2 and pray. 6 revives.

Psycho man was also more annoying with the trap node, but still a decent fight overall. Complete his prompts and beat him into submission. 6 revives.

TRAP NODE ALERT: Bye bye cornered damage, a wild indestructible has appeared! From now on, the opponents gain a short indestructible buff whenever they dash in from a distance. Honestly not the worst node, it just makes the fights slightly longer.

Apocalypse was significantly easier than anticipated. He basically gains one of his prowess and genetic code every few seconds, however if you drain the hit counters he loses a code and a prowess. I tried a different strategy with aegon here where after ending a combo I would immediately attack in instead of parrying or dexing. If the opponent tries to hit you you will still be unstoppable if you are above 750 combo, which means you get the furies and then immediately start dishing out big damage. This strategy was absolutely filthy in this fight and I was able to get him down in 4 revives. Try to push him to sp2 as it is much easier to evade than the sp1, however when he enrages be prepared to eat a **** ton of block damage (specials are still technically evadable when rooted however it is much more difficult, would not recommend unless you are about to die).

Tigra was fairly straightforward. While she has her orange sense she ruptures you when hitting you or your block, however this isn't a problem with Aegon's tenacity. While the blue sense is active she makes your light attacks miss, so use double medium combos while this is active. Use the nuke strategy from the apoc fight, though do be careful because her neutralize can prevent your unstoppable if you get too greedy. Pray you can avoid her specials and you'll be fine. 4 revives.

Herc was a fairly easy fight. He gains stacking protection passives whenever you throw a special and they can only be removed by intercepting, punishing his first heavy hit, or landing your first heavy hit while he isn't stunned. At 70%, he also gains the protections at the end of his specials, and at 40% you can no longer use the same tactic to remove protection twice in a row (ie. if you intercepted to remove a protection, intercepting again does not remove one). Using the aegon nuke strat works wonders for this fight as you can technically remove his protection if you counter attack one of his hits while you are unstoppable. When he enrages be ready to eat block damage as I don't think you can avoid either of his specials when rooted. 3 revives.

Sam Wilson was nothing special. Bait sp1 and nuke him down. 4 revives.

Dragon Man was long and somehow more annoying than when I first fought him. Heimdall saved me from a sp3 more times than I would like to admit. Block his sp1 to remove power charge and nuke him down with aegon. 7 revives.

Cap was an absolute joke. Another Aegon nuke. Solo.

Nova was annoying since he wouldn't throw specials, but aside from that be prepared for a long fight with aegon since you are dealing 70% less damage half the time. 8 revives.

And of course, the Grandmaster. First 3 phases went pretty smoothly, however I forgot to bring a reverse control immune champ for the final phase. Luckily, I was able to get it down faster than my first path. 4 revives for the first 3 phases and 3 revives for the final phase.

And that was it! Definitely could've been better but also could've been worse. I'll take it.

The Final Cost:
2400 units all spent on L2 single revives
All my stashed potions, revives and free crystals, got 2 L1 revives and 1 L2 revive from the free crystals so yay.
Quite a few 30 minute attack, health and champion boosts
About 4 hours of my day, ascending aegon and using the unstoppable nuke strat helped trim down the fight length by a lot.

NOTE: A lot of the fights on this path were fights I went through on the first path. For more detailed strategies for those opponents, as well as other good general tips, check out my first clear guide here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/352061/welcome-to-the-necropolis-my-first-clear-experience/p1

The Rewards:
Got the 6* 4-5 gem from my chest, waiting for level up so I can R5 aegon.

Final thoughts
1. BRING A REVERSE CONTROL IMMUNE CHAMP. It will save your butt on the last phase of the grandmaster.
2. Next path I'll hit will likely be the Sauron/Surfer path. Gonna have to build the stash back up (for real this time, only have around 1800 units left) and level up aegon and shuri before I go again.

Hope this helped!


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    jcphillips7jcphillips7 Posts: 1,099 ★★★
    Good write-up. This is the next path I was going to attempt (Mr. F/Apoc), so this is helpful. Gratzi!
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    altavistaaltavista Posts: 1,312 ★★★★
    Thanks for the write up. This might be my first path, so I can take up Kate to R5. Wiccan will replace your Nick Fury, but otherwise I am gonna do the same path.

    I am hoping that my R5 Aegon will save me more resource use, but I am guessing you are probably more skilled than myself so I will probably end up spending more.
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    Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 871 ★★★★
    altavista said:

    Thanks for the write up. This might be my first path, so I can take up Kate to R5. Wiccan will replace your Nick Fury, but otherwise I am gonna do the same path.

    I am hoping that my R5 Aegon will save me more resource use, but I am guessing you are probably more skilled than myself so I will probably end up spending more.

    Nah I messed up quite a bit, if you have a good stash you can definitely spend less units than I did. Best of luck!
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    PROG73PROG73 Posts: 68
    Is there anyone that can be used for both namor and attuma other than shuri?
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    Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 871 ★★★★
    PROG73 said:

    Is there anyone that can be used for both namor and attuma other than shuri?

    I've seen people do namor with fury, and Aegon can technically do attuma. Both options are quite expensive and so I would not recommend.

    If you don't have shuri, maybe try going for another path first
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    EladElad Posts: 10
    @Grootman1294 Thanks a lot for this guide! Helped me a lot through my second path, will build my revives stash and dive into the third path
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