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Dormmamu update suggestion

Dormmamu is in Dire need of an update his health is to low his atk is to low he has some very nice mechanics but he needs some work for sure also he should have more immunity ie incinerate immunity even possibly frost immunity, but what we really want to see is a prefight ability in accordance with Galan and Apocalypse herald/ horsemen ability, I think this would be the one that dose it for us Dormmamu loard of the dark dimension lord of the mystic champs, you could call it dark empowerment where he could power a mystic champ on your team with some otherworldly powers of the dark dimension boosting his status in game and giving him power that he so rightly deserves 😝


  • DunneldeenDunneldeen Posts: 5
    Agreed, Dormmamu buff would be most welcome. As it is now, he’s more like Lord of the Big Purple Mascots than the Lord of the Dark Dimension, just isn’t right 😂
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