Biggest Failures Against the AI / RNG Lately?

10or_Strong10or_Strong Posts: 1,196 ★★★
After this BG fight I just had, I'm curious to hear what others' latest unlucky tales from AI / RNG has been in recent fights.

Here's mine: fighting against an Absorbing Man (who I'm usually pretty solid against). He throws his SP1, I am spaced perfectly for the heavy punishment at the end to deactivate his form, and he dexes away from the heavy almost before he even finishes his SP1 animation. Ok, bad luck but I know in PVP the Dexterity mastery can have these moments. Next time it comes around, he throws SP1, again I'm perfectly spaced, and this time a perfect connection on the heavy attack...except I'm thwarted again by the opponent's masteries. He Resists the heavy. Needless to say the fight did not go as well as I had hoped.

I know these are RNG occurrences and absolutely in the realm of what's possible in PVP battles. Just bad luck for me they came back to back at the moments I needed those heavy attacks.

Since misery loves company, let's hear YOUR recent bad luck mid-fight stories.


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    phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 3,765 ★★★★★
    edited November 2023
    I seem to find every shock immune champ in BG's while using BWDO.
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    MiniMFMiniMF Posts: 848 ★★★★

    I seem to find every shock immune champ in BG's while using BWDO.

    lmao !
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