Who to rank up?

Im having trouble deciding who to rank up for 8.2.6. I also have 2 mutant ag and 2 generic ag I can use. These are my options plz help.
Sandman(not awakend)
Spot(not awakend)
Iceman(not awakend)
Zemo(not awakened)
Bishop(not awakened)
Colossus(sig 20)
Hyperion(sig 20)


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    FrostGiantLordFrostGiantLord Posts: 1,785 ★★★★
    I'd go with either Spot or Hyperion, since it really depends on what content you're planning to focus on besides act 8. If you're a BGs focused player, I would suggest Spot, since he's one of the biggest nukes in the game at the moment. If you're more focused on alliance content, Hyperion would be a better fit due to his defensive and offensive capabilities.
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