Gut, Glory and GREASE: My third path in the Necropolis

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This was probably the filthiest Necropolis path I've ever done. Let's break it down, shall we?

The Squad:
5* R5 ascended sig 160 aegon
6* R1 Heimdall (for sp3 tanking, STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for silver centurion and possibly odin as well)
5* R4 proxima (combo shield for aegon plus fury potency increase)
7* R1 unduped wong (for galan)
6* R3 sig 20 prof X (for grandmaster final phase)

The Stash:
3200 units
10 L1 revives
10 L2 revives
Max stacks of L3 and L4 potions, plus around 20 in the stash
30 free crystals
Quite a few 30 minute health, attack and champion boosters

Masteries: Same as my first two runs, had 3/5 mystic dispersion for wong.

Journey to the Grandmaster (did the odin path, then the stryfe path):

TRAP NODE ALERT: This one can be tricky. Between Odin and Sunspot, whenever the defender finishes a special attack, your controls get inverted for 5 seconds. This can definitely throw you off at times, highly recommend bringing proxima for the emergency combo shield if you plan on using aegon for this path.

Odin was a pretty straightforward time. He takes no damage while he has less than 6 buffs, and when he charges heavy both champs go indestructible and unstoppable for a short time. Odin can gain buffs from the following sources:

1. He always starts the fight with a permanent fury, armor up and aptitude
2. His sp1 gives him a true strike buff. If he has odinforce (knock him down twice to trigger it), then he also gains a bulwark buff

As for getting the 6th and final buff, you have two options:

1. Use Odin's sig ability. When you knock him down he copies a fury buff from Aegon if he has one. For consistent results, Aegon should be 300+ combo for this to work well.
2. Eat a sp3 with heimdall. Odin's sp3 copies all of the buffs Odin has gained in the fight. This includes the 3 permanent buffs so you can completely ignore his node using this. Just try to charge a heavy before you eat the special so that you can save your proxima combo shield for an emergency.

I personally used the first option only. I pulled off a 400-ish combo on my first try so I was able to completely counter him from my second try onwards without using heimdall. Both of his specials are stupidly easy to evade when rooted so don't worry about those. Stay close so his buffs stay paused and you'll be good. 4 revives, managed to bank around 770 combo here with aegon.

Claire was an annoying one. You are immune to bleed, poison and incinerate in this fight, which in turn fuels her clairvoyance charges. However, you will also constantly have your buffs nullified as you hit her. When she reaches 0 or 20 clairvoyance charges (which will happen quite frequently), she goes unblockable for 8 seconds and any hit will instantly ko you. Use your relics and your special attacks to minimize the time you have to deal with the unblockable and bait sp1 as much as possible. (sp2 gives you buff immunity which in turn massively boosts her power and charges due to aegon's massive amount of buffs). Watch the inverted controls and try not to get hit. 4 revives with Aegon, managed to fully ramp him up here.

Shang-Chi is a pain. You have to perform his different strikes in order to give him chi charges. He loses a charge when he throws an sp1, and if he throws a sp1 without chi charges he will deal a burst of damage. Your heavy attacks reset the strikes so use those often. Below 70%, if you perform a strike that hasn't been reset yet you will take damage (ie. if you double medium for the slow strike, then double medium again without resetting the strike, you will take damage). Below 40%, heavies no longer reset strikes, and you will instead have to do it with a full MLLLM combo after all of the other strikes have been performed.

As you can see, it's quite a complex fight. Use Aegon and try to keep up with the strikes and you should do decently. Watch the block damage as he can crit and deal red numbers through your block. When he enrages, bait sp1 as I don't think sp2 is fully evadable. 5 revives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: THERE IS AN INTERACTION/POTENTIAL BUG WHEN USING AEGON FOR SHANG CHI. When he gets below 70%, sometimes if you perform a readied strike, you will take the burst damage. This is possibly caused by Aegon's defensive ability accuracy reduction preventing the strike from triggering, so HEAL UP on each of your tries.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the next 4 fights contain some of the greasiest and most degenerate aegon gameplay. Read at your own risk!

Squirrel girl was a joke. Basically, her squirrel attaches to you every few seconds and inflicts rupture debuffs while he's attached, however you can shrug these off easily with Aegon. Also if you land a heavy while she's stunned she goes unstoppable. Since I was fully ramped with aegon, I did a strategy where at the end of my combo I just kept hitting in instead of parrying or dodging back. If she tries to retaliate, she would hit into my unstoppable from the 750 combo ability and give me the big furies. This "Aegon Nuke" allowed me to take huge chunks off easily by constantly getting hit and getting the furies. Use sp2 to rinse her with the bleed and you'll be golden. 1 revive.

Silver Centurion was wild. Basically his specials cost no power while his lock on is active and if you don't land a hit within 6 seconds he pauses lock on or reduces its cooldown. This makes it so that he can special spam and corner you, which can be a massive pain, so this fight calls for a new strategy....

I present to you... The Aegon/Heimdall SP3 AI-Dependent Stun Lock Cheese! (Not very catchy, I know. Also this isn't mine, I got the strategy from @Seatin and his final necropolis path stream, go check that out if you want to see it in action).

The strategy is as follows:
1. Use the Aegon Nuke at the start of the fight. Instead of using sp2, rush to an sp3. For safety's sake, try to bait out a quick special attack before lock on starts to ensure you can make it without eating an sp3.
2. Use the sp3. Perform two MLLLM combos, a MM combo, and then a MLLLM. Use your relic, and then perform another combo.
3. Stay aggressive and keep hitting at him and try to push to another sp3 before he throws his sp3.
4. IF HE USES AN SP3, ATTACK IN IMMEDIATELY. Heimdall will save you from the first sp3, however since he has activated lock on he can immediately throw an sp3 again and kill you. Pray you get a hit on him and throw an sp3 to stun him again, then go back to step 2.
5. Rinse and repeat steps 2-4 until you die.

This strategy is meant to keep him stunned for as long as possible via the sp3, however keep in mind that your tries are purely dependent on how aggressive the AI is with the sp3. There were some times where he never threw it and I sp3 stunned him 3-4 times, however there was also a try where I only stunned him once since he immediately dumped an sp3 after heimdall saved me. Don't worry about the enrage since you will almost never survive long enough to see it. 5 revives.

Spidey 2099 was a joke. He gets a power gain every 10 seconds that can be removed by blocking a hit, and he also spams wither debuffs a lot, which can be shrugged by Aegon. Use the Aegon Nuke with the sp2 and beat his cheeks into submission. When he enrages, bait sp1.1 revive.

Sunspot was quite easy. He basically loses flare charges when you crit him and once he runs out he inflicts you with power stings when you hit him and also removes your block proficiency completely. Use the Aegon Nuke and don't use specials and you'll be good. When he enrages, bait sp1. 2 revives.

TRAP NODE ALERT: Inverted controls are gone, and have been replaced by arguably the toughest trap node in necropolis. When you land a basic attack, you must increase your combo by 5 within 3 seconds otherwise the defender gains a really long untouchable. Try to perform full combos if you can and be ready to wait out at least a few untouchables on some of these later fights.

Stryfe was annoying. He cycles between a dormant unstoppable and untouchable every few seconds. If he throws a special, you get the corresponding effect, however if the timer expires naturally, he gets the effect instead. On top of that, if stryfe has 2 or more of his charges and he hits you while you are unstoppable he will stun you. On top of that, he is constantly gaining charges since you are almost always critting him and he goes invisible CONSTANTLY as a result. Your openings are few and far between in this fight, make the most out of any chance you get to deal damage. Both specials are evadable when you are rooted, so don't worry about that. 5 revives with Aegon.

Spot was a mild pain. He basically gets more power gain every few seconds, which can mess up your combo for the trap node. Watch out for his spots and personal untouchable and you should be able to get through it. 3 revives with Aegon.

Galan was a wild one. Your goal is to prevent him from activating his harvest, however every 12 seconds, if you are near him you get special locked. However, if you are far away, then he gets special locked, which in turn fuels up his harvest. At 70%, galan gains prowess when you hit his block as well. Use Wong and immediately start with an orange dimension so you can reduce the block damage from the sp1. Then cycle to green and then blue and repeat while keeping them refreshed. Once you have all 9 dimensions, spam sp2 and use the heavy charge to rapidly gain power. When done properly, galan should never activate the harvest due to the constant amount of specials you are using. Bait sp1 as much as possible as it gives galan less buffs and thus charges the harvest slower than the sp2, however if you have all 3 green dimensions you can eat an sp2 on the block if you have to since you will regenerate most of the energy damage.


This video by Normax uses a 7* R3 Wong, however this is perfectly doable with a 7* R1, even without the dupe. Managed to solo this guy myself with Wong.

Sandman was a nuisance. Whenever you stun him or get a debuff, he gets 5 resistance passives. When he hits 20 resistance passives, he goes unstable and gains an unstoppable until you remove his resistance charges by hitting him. He also loves using heavy attacks so watch out for that. Always bait sp1 as the sp2 places a load of debuffs on you which in turn instantly makes him unstable. Combined with the trap node, this sandman proved to be a massive pain with Aegon. Try to nuke him down and use the sp3 stun to safely hit him while unstoppable. 3 revives.

Spidey Supreme was long. He takes no damage from you, however whenever you gain a buff he loses 0.5% of his max health. However, with all of Aegon's buffs, he will constantly be triggering his miss. However, it doesn't trigger on blocked hits. This means that you CANNOT HIT HIM AT ALL or you will go unblockable and get rekt. Pound into his block to get your buffs and know how to evade both his sp1 and sp2. 3 revives.

Knull was annoying, he deals 5% of your health whenever he hits you or your block. Heal up, nuke him with Aegon, and push to sp2 as much as possible to avoid corruption. Once he enrages, try to sp3 stun him and deal as much damage as you can since I don't think you can fully evade either of his specials when rooted. 4 revives.

Shocker was fairly easy. Basically, if he has more than 50 charges and he charges a heavy near you, you get rooted during his heavy. He also can stun you when landing mediums so watch out for that when you are doing the Aegon Nuke. Bait his sp1 as the sp2 is not fully evadable. 2 revives.

And finally the grandmaster. Nothing new to note here, was able to nuke down the first 99% in one try with Aegon. Prof X took care of the rest.

And that's that! Overall it was definitely a tougher path, be sure to grind up items and units before going on this path.

The Final Cost:
800 units, all spent on L2 single revives
All of my stashed potions, revives and free crystals, pulled 2 revives from those plus lots of potions.
Quite a few 30 minute boosters
About 2 hours of my time on Friday

The Rewards:
Got the 7* crystal from the chest, got sasquatch. Not too shabby.

Final Notes:
1. R5 Aegon is absolutely disgusting for this content. Take him up folks.
2. Planning on running the red goblin/elsa path soon, gonna rebuild a small revive stash and grind some potions before I go for it. (Also I know I said the Sauron/Surfer path would be my third however I couldn't ramp Aegon up on Sauron for the life of me)



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    5* or 6* Aegon, don't give me hope.
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    Sauron surfer is super easy with Wong. He got me a couple of solos and 3 near solos(got hit by sp3) as well as a two shot on sauron. R2
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    Ayden_noah1Ayden_noah1 Posts: 1,276 ★★★★
    Thanks for the write up. Now I need to stock up in revives and potions before I make my one and only run before January 15th to get the rewards. Good luck exploring it.
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    Thanks bro.. I'm going to the path 3 using your guides 😏🫰
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