We are aware of an issue impacting some Summoners, resulting in the loss of their stash of SQ entry keys.
The team will be redistributing lost keys.
Timeline is uncertain.
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Didn’t complete battlegrounds season 12

I didn’t get the tip of the blade for 7* deathless champ. Will I get any other opportunities to get the item?


  • DukenpukeDukenpuke Posts: 658 ★★★
    "Take whatever you think is 'expensive' and double it."

    That's how much they said it will cost to buy when it is eventually released for units.
  • OrtounOrtoun Posts: 433 ★★★
    Still think making it only for season 12 was dumb, should have been available for as long as the 6 star pieces are in the store also. (Already got mine, just think it was poorly implemented)
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