RIP: Nebula loses "God Slayer" title with silent nerf

I see that you've recently added a silent nerf to Nebula's insane shock damage, the only thing that makes her a great champion, and basically makes the shock charges no longer worth the time it takes to build them up. I currently have her 5* r4 at sig 30. The way her shock damage used to be calculated at this level was that each shock charge, when transferred would do 722 shock damage PER SECOND for 6 seconds. So with 20 charges stacked (and believe me it's not easy to build 20 charges in Map 6 AQ fights) the damage output if you didn't follow with an l2 was 20 x 6 x 722 = 86,640.

The way you are now calculating the damage is 722 shock damage per charge over 6, so the damage now is 20 x 722 = 14,440. That's a difference of 72,200 damage being lost for all that effort. Not to mention if you time it correctly and follow with an l2 to double the shock damage for 3 seconds. The calculation of the damage difference becomes the following:

(722 x 20 x 6 x 1.5) - (722 x 20 x 6 x 1.5) = 108,300 less damage.


129,960 - 21,660 = 108,300 less damage (for those not wanting to do the maths.

This is a HUGE nerf to the character that hasn't been revealed to the community. I can only hope that this is a mistake. That insane shock damage is the ONLY reason she is a viable character in end game content, and those charges are not easy to stack. Without that huge payoff, she really has no viability anymore as a useful character. I've wasted so many resources into ranking her up that I am now very dissatisfied with her game play.

If anyone else is seeing this issue as well, please respond. She is no longer a God Slayer.



  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,133 ★★★★★
    She was doing 700 per second for 6 seconds per charge? I’d like to see a evidence of that as I’ve only ever experienced the 700 over 6 seconds.

    Yeah would suck to lose all that damage if it actually happened but that would be a bug because her shock ability dating back to her spotlight has always Been over 6 seconds not per second.
  • DaymanDayman Posts: 22
    I used to clear poison Jugs on section 3 lane 1 Map 6 with the method above. 86k+ health melted away in seconds. Also, check out the damage posted by the Analyzer on YouTube when she first came out. And his was only a 4* champ.
  • DaymanDayman Posts: 22

    From when I first got her, this was damage per second with the double damage from her l2 per sec. So 20 shock, doubled with her l2 per sec for 3 sec. Damage was half this for the other 3 sec.jxs7hqt3cuit.jpeg
  • DaymanDayman Posts: 22
    Without doubling her per second shock damage from her l2, this would tick for 5867 per sec. I've since duped her and added some sig stones to her for increased damage output. Made me dig far through line chat to find these pics.

  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,133 ★★★★★
    edited December 2017
    This is a SS from a minute ago she has about 60% of the attack in the SS you provided and is doing about 40% less damage. The range is consistent from when you took that SS to right now. I don’t see a change. What am I missing? 2GaGMrf.jpg
  • DaymanDayman Posts: 22
    Maybe this is a 5* bug. My single shocks against a 3* Groot in normal event quest was only doing 54 damage per sec.
  • DaymanDayman Posts: 22
    They did remove my post from 2 days ago about this. Possible they've fixed it since then.
  • DaymanDayman Posts: 22
    Thanks for the screen shot.
  • DaymanDayman Posts: 22
    I'll try ROL WS when I'm done with AW and she's released.
  • DaymanDayman Posts: 22
    Well @CoatHang3r, I can definitely see that she is getting less shock damage at sig 30 than when she was unduped. This is with max glass cannon which I didnt have unlocked for my first image in this discussion. And supposedly her shock damage is higher now that she's duped as well.

  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,133 ★★★★★
    The difference between then and now is really quite minor that is likely due to masteries or synergies and definitely not a change like the one first purported. *shurg*
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