Necropolis path 4: Aegon Scrub Returns!

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More Aegon degeneracy coming up... Went down the Roblin/Elsa path this time around

The Squad:
R5 6* sig 180 Aegon
R4 5* proxima (combo shield + fury potency)
R1 6* Heimdall (sp3 tank for silver centurion)
R3 6* Prof X (grandmaster final phase)
R1 7* unduped Wong (wanted to try him on some fights, ended up just using him on knull lol)

The Stash:
2750 units
10 L1 revives
4 L2 revives
About 60 stashed L3 potions and 3 stashed L4 potions, plus max stacks in the inventory of course
No free crystals (Opened them all for potion stash and refills for revive farming)
Bunch of 30 minute boosters

Masteries: Same as my previous paths

Journey to the Grandmaster:

TRAP NODE ALERT: It's power detonation time! Whenever the defender gains a power bar, you get a power detonation charge. If you don't throw a special in time you will take loads of damage. The main thing to look out for here is to try and throw specials as soon as they pass a power threshold. If you push them over a power bar using a special, the power detonation triggers, which will be a problem since you just used your power. Be aware of this and be ready to tank some detonations if you have to, especially on the first 3 fights.

Red goblin is a bit annoying. Basically when you stand close to him he gets temporary bloodlust, and each one reduces your power gain and block proficiency up to 50%. Combined with the trap node and his energize buffs, this can make the power detonation really hard to manage. Throw sp1 constantly to ramp up aegon and KNOW HOW TO EVADE HIS SP2 as it is the only evadable special when rooted. However, after you die a few times it seems that his regular bloodlust also appears to count towards his temporary bloodlust cap of 5, which should completely invalidate the node. 6 revives, got aegon to around 700 combo.

Kraven is a pain. His sp2 also places traps aside from his sp1 trap and whenever he places one he gets a charge. At 3 charges he deals a burst of damage, so you gotta use speicials to remove his traps to remove the charges. However, he deals damage to you when you enter a trap and also places suppression which affects the trap node. Mind your surroundings and use specials to remove traps if you can. If you get pushed into a trap, avoid kraven's dash since he is unblockable for it, then parry the next hit and hit him to remove the root via tenacity. 6 revives with aegon, fully ramped him up here.

Nimrod isn't too bad. At 70% he enters his eradicate mode and goes debuff immune when he gains one of his charges above 10, and below 40% his special lock lasts longer per charge, which can mess up the power detonation timing. Luckily, this nimrod isn't duped so he doesn't have unblockable specials, which makes it more bearable. Use the aegon unstoppable nuke (see my previous guides for the strategy) and get him down. 5 revives, could've been less if it wasn't for Kraven's cross fights.

Squirrel Girl was a joke. Mind the power detonation and nuke her down with aegon. 1 revive.

Silver Centurion was more of the same. Use the Aegon sp3 stun cheese strategy (described here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/353572/gut-glory-and-grease-my-third-path-in-the-necropolis) and you'll be fine. Heal up to take some power detonation damage and survive some hits without triggering heimdall's cheat death. 4 revives.

Spidey 2099 was easy, nothing new to note outside of the trap node. Mind his power gain and you're golden. 1 revive with aegon.

Sunspot is a lot more annoying here. Since he inflicts power stings when he inflicts a nova flame this means that you can't use specials without dying. However, the power detonation makes it so you can't just not use specials either. Heal up and pray that your defensive AAR can prevent the power detonation consistently since your ability accuracy reduction is capped at 50%. 5 revives.

TRAP NODE ALERT: Power detonation gets subbed out for a much easier trap node. Basically the defenders gain a charge every few seconds that make their next special hit unblockable, however if you dash back and block you trigger a timer, releasing block as the timer ends removes all charges. Very straightforward stuff and can definitely be learned on the fly, however if you want some practice zemo has a synergy with mantis that allows him to get a buff after releasing block at the end of a timer (timer is twice as long here than in necropolis so be wary about that).

Elsa was pretty straightforward. Basically if you don't parry her gun shots from her special attacks you take damage. Bait sp1 as the sp2 has waaay too many bullets to parry. Mind the trap node and use the timer to remove the charges if she has 2 or more. Don't use sp2 with aegon or you will degenerate because of the bleed. Would strongly recommend using practice mode against an elsa in your roster to get used to the parry timing. Nuke her cheeks and that's another one down with aegon. 2 revives.

Purgatory isn't too bad. She basically has all of her class soul abilities and she inflicts you with slow and disorient when a damaging debuff expires on either champ. When she enrages, go for a sp3 stun nuke since her specials are unavoidable with root. Do this and you'll win easy. 3 revives.

Quicksilver is a lot easier than I thought. You can't trigger true accuracy in this fight, however aegon has class advantage so he can completely counter his evade anyways via defensive AAR. He gets momentum charges quite fast so watch out for the sp1. Try to bait and evade sp2 at first, then go for sp1 evades when he enrages. 1 revive.

Sandman was more of the same, sp1 is easy to evade so trap node is completely irrelevant here. Watch his charges and use the Aegon sp3 stun to remove his unstoppable safely. 1 revive.

Spidey Supreme was more of the same. Pound his block with aegon and evade those specials. 3 revives.

Knull was annoying with the trap node. Tried wong here for his regen however I got corrupted and he degenned to death, so aegon had to be used again. Push him to sp2 as much as possible and be ready to die when he enrages. 4 revives.

Shocker wasn't too bad, bait sp1 and win with aegon. 2 revives.

Grandmaster was, again, not too shabby. Nuked first 99% with aegon in one try, prof X finished it off.

Victory is now yours. Overall it was not too bad, would definitely recommend this as the second path to go for after the titania/guardian path.

Final Cost:
1200 units, all spent on L2 single revives
All stashed revives and potions. My healing strategy was to heal aegon to around 40% if I used a 20% revive, and just not heal him if I used an L2 revive.
Quite a few 30 minute attack, health and champ boosts
About 1.5 hours.

The Rewards:
Pulled a 4-5 6* gem from the chest, used it on doctor doom.

Final thoughts and notes
1. I already ran the jubilee/mantis path (That one was noticeable more difficult than this one), will hopefully have a guide out soon, exam season is starting and I gotta focus on the grind.
2. Last path is sauron/surfer. I'll try and do the incursions platinumpool event once my exams wrap up, plus I'll also get 300 units tomorrow via goldpool track. Finish line is in sight!

Hope this helped!
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