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Crush/Sturdy Tactics

WhiteKnightWhiteKnight Posts: 233 ★★★
Can someone at Kabam explain the intent behind this node?

It seems the defender tactic is solely there to cause massive chip damage and the attacker tactic does nothing about this?

The whole playstyle is take a special to the face thanks to unblockable and then next time you take it to the block and lose just as much health through block penetration...

This just feels like a unit churn, health potions are still terrible and losing 50% of my boosted health means I need to spend hundreds of units to heal back up fully just to lose another 50% in the next fight.

Is that the plan? Any reason to get more money out of us right in the middle of Banquet or is this just purely down to not play testing/oversight of what the node actually does?


  • Ming_Mow129Ming_Mow129 Posts: 53
    This meta is intended to get more money out of the community. I've played since 2016 and kabam has gotten money hungry over the seasons. They can't act like they don't make money I've seen the whale openings lol. But yes this meta makes absolutely zero sense
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