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Rip's Necropolis Writeup

RiptideRiptide Posts: 3,111 ★★★★★
Whats up y'all?

I decided to do a necropolis run last week after seeing tons of people going for it. Here's my mini writeup on my experience, team and rewards!


I took my 6* Aegon from R1 sig 20 to R4 Sig 200 and ascended him. (I think this is more than enough for necropolis, don't think he needs R5) I also took my 6* Jugs from R1 to R3.

I had about 300 4-hour crystals, about 20 stashed revives, and a little under 8000 units to begin.

The only other prep I did was buying the 1000-unit deal from the EQ exploration. (Definitely recommend buying this if you haven't already, you get the pots and revives at a discounted price, plus some extra goodies)


6* R4 Aegon (sig 200, ascended)
6* R4 Nick Fury (for extra attack)
5* Proxima (Combo Shield Synergy)
6* Heimdall (Synergy)
6* R3 Juggernaut

Aegon can take every fight on the easy path without too much struggle. It is 100% worth it to bring Proxima and Heimdall, they sae so many revives and help build combo easier.

Having a reverse controls immune is pretty much essential for the last phase of the grandmaster. Jugs works great here. (Also, his unstoppable is SUPER useful if you miss the dex on the Grandmaster's Sp1 beam, you have enough time to recover in order to complete the required actions for the projectiles and not die)


Did every fight with Aegon until the last phase of the grandmaster.

This is where you build up combo for aegon. (Don't get greedy here, if you lose your combo shield from proximal, just quit.) I was averaging about 200 hits per fight. Did not boost or kill off Fury here to try and get as many hits as possible. Only hard part here is the chicken node, if she chooses to be aggressive.

For this fight, try to use 40% or 60% revives, and don't worry about healing, as you'll quit if you take a hit anyway.

40% REV - 9
L6 POT - 2

Vision (A):
By the end of this fight, Aegon should be pretty much fully ramped. Trickiest part of this fight is trying to not push him to Sp3. Remember that if you have Heimdall, you can tank 2 or even 3 Sp3s.

It is worth healing for this fight, as the block damage from Vision's SP2 can add up quickly.

40% REV - 7
L6 POTS - 3
L4 POTS - 3

Omega Sentinel:
A fairly easy fight. Aegon should be fully ramped here, so just go nuts. Bait Sp1's and alternate combo enders so you don't get autoblocked if you miss a crit.

Worth healing for this fight if you are comfortable with her animations.

40% REV - 3

A very tricky fight, took me a while to get the hang of. Knock him down as much as possible, never let him gain his Galactus buff. It is worth quitting if he gets the buff, because of the regen and damage you will take. Otherwise, bait Sp2, as they are easier to dex (in my opinion)

Once you understand how the fight works, definitely heal up.

40% REV - 7
60% REV - 3
L5 POTS - 5

Captain Britain:
This fight took me too long to understand because I was really tired and misread the nodes lol

Watch out for reverse controls and her unstoppable. Both specials are fairly easy to dex.

Good to heal here if you are good with the fight.

40% REV - 1
60% REV - 2
20% REV - 2
L5 POTS - 8
L4 POTS - 10

Super easy fight, but I went in at 5% health the first run. Could have saved a revive if I healed first.

20% REV - 1

NGL, I don't really understand Wiccan and didn't bother to read his abilities. Some sort of incinerate kpet proccing, sometimes it was a passive?

He's got a small health pool though, so Aegon busted him down quickly.

Healing is probably a good idea here.

20% REV - 3
L4 POTS - 27
L5 POTS - 1

A pretty easy fight, bait SP1s. His Sp2 is also dexable, if you are comfortable.

L4 POTS - 27
L5 POTS - 1
20% REVS - 2

Ambush 2:
Againb, super quick fight.


One of the most basic fights. Just bait sp1's the whole time. Can dex his sp2 if needed as well. I did bad on this fight cause I was really tired at this point lol

20% REV - 5

For this fight, you have to let her hit into your block now and then to make sure she loses power when using specials. Best way to do this is to take the projectile hit of her special on the block. Try not to parry if she has a stun immune buff, because you'll take a lot of block damage.

20% REV - 3
40% REV - 1
L4 POTS - 25

Red Guardian:
Probably the easiest path fight. Try not to hit his block to often. Just a normal hit and go fight.

40% REV - 1

Sam Wilson:
Not complicated, just bait Sp1's.

40% REv - 2

I ran out of stated items at this point so had to resort to using units (after the last 2 20% REV)

Dragon Man:
Trickier fight here. Take at least one Sp1 spot on the block to get rid of his power gain. Parry if he's not stun-immune. The hardest part is not pushing him to SP3

20% REV - 2
40% REV - 3

Cap IW:
Super easy fight! Watch out for his debuff purification in his skill phase.

40% REV - 2

I hate Nova lmao

Bait Sp1s, So2's can be dexed as well. Watch out for his stu immune and unblockable

40% REV - 8


I really enjoyed this fight!

The biggest thing is to watch out for the red light cue. Otherwise pretty basic.

PHASE 2 and 3:
This is where almost all of my revives were spent. Think I only wounded him once or twice, the rest was from normal hits.

Bring a reverse controls immunehere and its pretty easy

40% REV - 16

Total Costs

20% REV - 19
40% REV - 37
60% REV - 5
L4 POTS - 157
L5 POTS - 18
L6 POTS - 5

40% REV - 16

Total Revives:

Total Unit Cost:
1000 unit bundle
REVS (29 x 40) - 1 160

= 2 160 Units

Here is a quick one-minute YT vid with my rewards. https://youtu.be/k7FWuqSBz_s?si=GqTk6e5pXbT1Z0U8


For the Titania fight, spam Sp1s and don't get hit.

For the rest of the path fights, don't be scared to use your heavy unstoppable to proc those HUGE furies.

The biggest trick is to take a hit and activate Sp3 then go nuts with the stun.

Don't be afraid to push them to SP3 because of Heimdall. (Other than Airwalker) Afterwards, try to race back up to your SP3 fr even more damage.

Use your relic after the SP3 stun to get a few more hits in.

Boost as much as possible for every fight but Titania

And that's it y'all! Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Also, shoutout to my alliance mate JustConnor for a lot of advice throughout the run!

Checkout MSD's guide on the Nameless Grandmaster for a super nice walkthrough of the fight. And @DNA3000 @phillgreen and @willrun4adonut have awesome writeups that were super helpful.


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    RiptideRiptide Posts: 3,111 ★★★★★
    Pikolu said:

    I really like the use of the spoiler tag to help tidy up the writeup

    Yeah I thought it would make it nicer!

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    RiptideRiptide Posts: 3,111 ★★★★★
    Gamer said:

    Wasn’t meant to read everything but you made it so easy I just when along reading so got to the end nice done

    Thanks mate!

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